Ciays Cat Water Fountain Replacement Filter for 84oz/2.5L Automatic Pet Water Fountain Cat Fountain Dog Water Dispenser, 4 Pcs, White

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Product Information

Guaranteed Fit – The only filter brand guaranteed to fit the CIAYS 84oz/2.5L Pet Fountain. This way we can retain healthy quality filters, so you know it’s safe! Buy together with CIAYS cat water fountain to save more!

Fresh Filtered Healthy Water – Each filter is composed of activated carbon, ion exchange resin, and non-woven fabric. The ion exchange resin layer softens tap water, and the activated carbon removes nasty flavors and scents. Nourish your furred pal with fresh and uncontaminated clean healthful water.

Pump Protection – The sponge captures bulky contaminants like pet fur and debris before they reach the pump. Helping to extend the life of your fountain pump, saving you money in the long run!

Included & Replacement – The fountain filter is easy to remove when you wash your pet water fountain. Each replacement filter is individually packaged and sealed to maintain healthful quality. CIAYS 4-pack premium pet fountain replacement filters can be used for 2+ months. RECOMMENDED: Replace filters every 2 weeks to sustain healthy water. Rinse before use to prevent the activated carbon dust from shedding into water.


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