KAIMC Magnetic Levitation Floating 4in Constellation Globe with Led Light Lamp Rotating in Midair for Adult, Cool Office Desk Accessories Decor Gadget Novelty Gift or Tech Science Toy for Men Birthday


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Acrylic and plastics


1.Multi-functional world globe:This gadget is perfect gifts for men such as the anti-gravity levitation floating, floating globe glow in the dark animals without plug-in, world map understanding, etc

2. As cool unique birthday gifts for kids. During the day, your child can explore world geography,At night,they can hold a globe to look up at the stars and galaxies, learn astronomy! enjoy the magic of wireless induction lighting.levitating globe lamp for Kids can also be used as desk decorations,What a meaningful technology gadgets

3.Cool office desk decor toys:Gently wave the side of the globe with your hands, and The globe rotates and glows to present animal images.There is no battery inside the sphere, but it can rotate and emit light. When it is turned on, it looks very elegant in the dark and absolutely attracts the eye. For the boss/boyfriend/husband, it is a good companion decoration

4.Stable quality and controllable light emission: the ball suspension luminescence adopts the latest wireless transmission technology. After many tests, The globe glows without flashing.which is made of high-grade plastic material, and can be washed clean if it is dirty.There is a switch on the top of the base to control whether to emit light or not, which can be easily reached with one touch.

5.Unique Gift – Ideal gift for children and adults of all ages. Magnetic levitation world globe lamp, desk educational toys, kids learning tools, home / office /bedroom decoration, business gifts, craft gifts, creative birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, etc

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