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360° Evaluation – The force tracker not only detects your single punching or kicking power, it also records your speed and endurance. It is the best device to record and review your training progress.

Non-wearable Device – It can easily be attached to the bottom of heavy bags or the top of a standing bag. The totally wireless design allows you to free your hands and focus on your training.

Automatic Backup – Every time you would like to check your performance, all you have to do is take out your phone. The XFORCE APP will automatically store your 10 latest results and let you monitor your progress anytime anywhere.

Global Ranking System – Want to see where you rank? The XFORCE APP comes with the latest cloud service technology that keeps your training details and connects your results to the global ranking system.

🌟 Instant Feedback – Supports instant feedback from all kinds of martial arts practice. Let you see how you’ve performed, track your progression and continue to improve.

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