Anti Fatigue Office Chair Mat with Foot Massager – Standing Desk Comfort Mat with Built-in Roller Ball – Office Mat with Foot Rest Under Desk for Hardwood Floor


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YOUR FEET SAY THANK YOU – Combat the harmful effects of incorrect posture while working in an office or from home. Perfect your posture while sitting or standing using the benefits of Mushyn anti-fatigue standing desk mat with a built-in foot massager. This padded office mat will elevate your comfort experience while working at your desk using, only premium materials and patented design features

STAND UP BENEFITS – We’re passionate about providing comfort and healthy movement in the workspace, so we try to offer innovative multi-functional office accessories. Mushyn chair mat for hard wood floor features an anti-slip and wear-resistant surface and it’s made with 0.6 inch thick of NBR antifatigue memory foam cushion. It’s CA PROP 65 compliant: phthalate-free and heavy metals free

VERSATILITY, WORK FROM HOME – We are proud to be ambassadors for a new way of doing things promoting posture consistency while sitting or standing. Wearing shoes all day alters the structure and function of your feet. By using a self-care massage exercise with our foot massager you can increase the range of motion in your feet and ankles and build stronger arches

YOUR OWN FOOT THERAPIST – We found the perfect blend of protection, support, and softness and we developed a 3 in 1 ergonomic SIT – STAND mat with a footrest massager that incorporates a built-in massaging rollerball jade. The natural jade ball allows you to target the small muscles and fascia of the foot while the massage points help you strengthen, stretch and massage your feet

COMFORTABLE, SOFT, ECO-FRIENDLY – Protect your floors from scratches with a large 54” x 36” office chair mat while massaging your feet. The design allows an easy transition from sitting to standing while working at a standing desk. You’ll notice how reveling is the feeling of stepping onto the footpad zone that reduces stress, pain, and discomfort on feet, knees, legs, and back

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