SMERPHOX Fever Cooling Patches Device for Kids, Fever Reducer, Electric Baby Ice Cooler Head Bands for Fever Discomfort, Headache Pain Relief, Fatigue, Sunstroke, Sprain

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Exclusive original Technical patent〗:our cold compress machine took over 5 years to develop High-tech Semiconductor digital cooling technology for Physical cooling. As the Semiconductor refrigeration sheet conducts Continuous cooling low temperature to the gel bag and The surface of the gel bag directly contacts the baby kid or adult forehead skin, it is placed the new polymer cold gel in the bag that is very gentle comfortable and soft for forehead to reduce temperature or fever headache.

Simple and Intelligent operation:One touch start and single cooling cycle is 20 minutes,Automatic time controlling and it will stop automatically at the end that will be convenient to check the baby forehead temperature condition if to Adjust the temperature or stop using,which is more Effective easier then the common cool pads. antipyretic paste,Stick an ice bag,Cold compress patch or Damp cold towel etc.

Fast cooling and adjustable Temperature:It will be cooled to 16 °in 20 seconds and It can be quickly cooled to the preset temperature within 20 minutes to Protect the brain . cold compress machine maximum temperature can be adjusted to 25 °and the minimum temperature can be adjusted to 16 ,cool pads ice bag antipyretic paste,Cold compress patch or Damp cold towel all can not meet this function.The main raw materials of the machine are environmental friendly and healthy plastics and polymers

50mint endurance capability CE report:1100mAh battery capacity After full charge could Make the cold compress machine work continuously for 50 minutes ,.it can be used around 10000times for the machine working life after our Machine testing data .it is At least 3-5 years Usage time According to children’s daily use of colds fever times, we have got the CE Iso certificate with testing report to Ensure quality .Children aged below 6years should not use this product without adult supervision.

Multifunctional application:our cold compress machine also is very popular for students Sleepy reading. Long distance Driving fatigue driver and Those who work overtime and stay up late at night .Healthy physical Emergency cooling and Better safe than sorry, It is used to refresh the mind and remove the summer heat Refresh you all day!Do not use the product while charging.not waterproof do not wash in water .It is prohibited to wear the product on the mouth, nose or neck.






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