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Split in Half: The Splitting Line is initially tailored for our customers by POPCHOSE. You can easily split the shower steamer and spare the other half for next time, and thanks to the doubled essential oil infusion and low-speed dissolvability, even half of our shower steamer performs better than a whole piece of its counterparts on the market; Or, why not just customize your unique scent with different half-tablet like a perfumer as most of our regular customers do?

Feel The Nature’s Aromatherapy: Shower Steamer are made of freshly extracted and concentrated essential oils from plants or fruits, and are all-natural formulation, paraben-free and sensitive-free. Whenever the smell permeates your bathroom, you can simply feel as if you are in a lush garden, where the scent relieves your stress, reduces your anxiety, and refreshes your mind. Just close your eyes, enjoy the shower with POPCHOSE shower steamers, and your bathroom will be a soul-relaxed sanctuary!

Long-lasting Powerful Aroma: Our shower tablets infuse doubled pure essential oil into one tablet compared to others so that the fragrance remains rater permanent and will not disappear quickly, and it has a higher density without seeds and dry flowers. It will not either be broken easily during the delivery nor block the sewer while using. A total of 8 scents, including lavender, watermelon, grapefruit, menthol&Eucalyptus, orange&vanilla, peppermint, coconut lemongrass, and chamomile&rose.

Best Gift for Her: Our shower steamers are well-packed with upscale beautiful gift boxes, and are surely a decent gift choice for you. It will not only let you enjoy full relaxation from home-spa, but also serve as a way to help express your care and cherish for others. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, a wedding, or a party, this is always a perfect gift for your mother, girlfriend, sister, or friends… Give your loved ones the very gift of POPCHOSE shower steamers.

Redefine Your Moment: You may be troubled by the stressful or desperate times in life. When you’re suffering from stress, sleeplessness, or lack of motivation, taking an aromatherapy shower can potentially help you out. At this time, POPCHOSE shower steamers will be a strong supporter for you, which always accompanies you and helps unwind your body, calms and soothes your mood, improves your deep sleep quality, and revitalizes your mind and spirit in the morning. Make your day another new day!

How to Get an Enjoyable Home SPA: Pick the tablet scent you like, remove the plastic film, snap half of the tablet, store the other half in the sealable bag in the package, and place our POPCHOSE steamer tablet on the floor where there is no heavy stream that prevents it from being submerged, but is water going through. Then, adjust the water temperature (the water with a temperature >40 ℃ or >104℉ will be better). Here you go! Just enjoy your immersive home-SPA!

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