PETGEEK Automatic Dog Bone Toy, Smart Interactive Pet Toys for boredoms, Electronic Dog Self Entertainment Toy, Safe & Durable Material


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INTELLIGENT & AUTOMATIC : When you press the switch to the automatic dog toy , It will guide your dog to chase , tease and avoid . The dog’s hunting instinct will also be satisfied because of the interactive bone toy .

GOOD PARTNER : When you have to leave your dog alone at home , this electronic dog toy will keeps your baby away from feeling lonely . The truly electronic toys for dogs win the Prize of Fear Free Awards at the Global Pet Expo 2019 .

SAFE MATERIAL: We choose PC&TPE as the material of the durable wishbone dog chew toy , which is strong and soft , quick and easy to clean . This interactive toy is also a great way to protect your dog’s teeth and claws while he chases them .

EASY TO USE: Just press on/off button of auto dog toy , put it on the ground after the power indicator lights green , and pat to activate it (it will go into standby mode after 10 to 15 seconds ) , It would move again after being patted.

DURABLE BATTERY: PETGEEK automatic & interactive bone toy has a working voltage of 3.7V / Wattage 1.5W and a built-in lithium-ion polymer battery . Its capacity is 850 mAhs . It is equipped with an U.S.B cable for charging and it could last at least 2 hours in interactive mode after 1.5-2 hours charging . Please turn the device off before recharging .

WARM TIP:We guarantee that our electric dog toys will remain in a brand new state . If you find any damage on the day of receipt , please contact customer service in time , customer service will provide help at any time .

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