LANDBEAUTY 50 Pack Non-Slip Velvet Hangers Suit Clothes Hanger Space Saving Hangers 15~20LBS Heavy Duty Hangers 17.7inch (Black)


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Product Information

Advanced Velvet Hangers: Including 50-pack 17.7inch high-quality velvet hangers;Adopt innovative U-shaped design, can be very convenient to hanging round collar and other small collar clothes, can avoid damage the collar

Soft, Comfortable and Non-Slip Suit Clothes Hangers: This velvet hanger is made of high-strength engineering plastic and can hold 15-20 pounds. The surface adopts advanced flocking technology and is covered with a thick layer of velvet.feels fine and soft,and has super anti-skid need to worry about your silky clothes sliding down to the ground.

Protect Your Clothes: This velvet hangers adopt ergonomic arc-shape design,can avoid leave two lump on the clothes sides, keep the clothes shape.

Multi-function Design and Save Space: This velvet hangers can hang T-shirt,coats,jacket,sling pajamas, trousers,hang a whole set of clothes only need one hanger;This velvet hangers used unique design,only occupy 1/3 of the ordinary hanger space, so in the same space can be hanging above 2 times clothes than the ordinary hanger, and it is neatly easy to manage.

Quality Assurance:our velvet hangers can give you more than1000 days quality assurance, as long as it is damaged, please contact us at any time, we will give you a perfect solution.

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