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Mini Garlic Chopper – This is a very handy little tool in the kitchen, and if you hate dragging around your electric food processor every time you want to chop onions or make salsa, this is for you! No electricity needed, just put Put the ingredients into the container, twist and lock the lid, then pull the string to rotate the chopper blade. This manual electric shredder is perfect for small kitchens, recreational vehicles, travel and camping. This is a great appliance/gift for cooks who do a lot of food prep.

Easy-to-use mini food processor – just hold the blade in place, add veggies, close the lid/pull it open. The speed at which the string is pulled spins the blade. The faster you do it, the faster the blade spins, so the finer the pieces. Tip: Do not apply a little hard after filling. Pull only an inch or less, then a little further. This will move the blade without getting it stuck on large pieces of food.

Save time cutting fruits and vegetables by hand – save cooking time, you can quickly quarter an onion, drop half according to the size of the sides of the blade, close it and pull, pull, pull, pull – done. The number of times the rope is pulled determines how much food pellets form. If you hate chopping onions and garlic, now this chopper can do it for you without the smell of hands. The blades are sharp, so be careful when handling and cleaning.

COMPACT STORAGE AND EASY CLEANING – Mini Manual Electric Onion Chopper has 2 blades, 170ml capacity container, 3.5*3.5*2.9 inches (about 9*9*7.4cm) dimensions. This is a small shredder that can easily be stored anywhere. Or you can choose to put it somewhere on the counter because it looks so pretty. It’s also possible to keep the Vegetable Spiral Slicer in your RV or even in your car for camping or road trips.

Unique gift, great kitchen helper – great for first-timers to make meals for vegetables, or mix fruit/juice for popsicles. This vegetable cutter is a practical and versatile gift that is versatile and unisex. Perfect for moms, professional cooks, cooks, campers and travel enthusiasts, health conscious and food lovers. The Portable Garlic Slicer is the perfect gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday, Mother’s Day, New Years, Housewarming and Valentine’s Day.

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