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Will Campbell found a “perfect fit” dream job that met his goals and lifestyle by being patient, socializing and saying no to “bad fit” cultures.

Will Campbell is the UK/US Community Manager for Inscouts. He’s been working in the startup scene in UK, Berlin and Vienna for five years. Will’s been with Inscouts for 5 months growing their UK/US user base and building connections with opinion leaders on both sides of the pond.


Key Takeaways

  • Inscouts is a gamification experience for live sporting events.
  • Community managers are responsible drive users to a platform.
  • 40 hour/week jobs isn’t for everybody.
  • Have respect for your own time. You won’t fall off of the edge if you say no to overtime.
  • When asked to give overtime, ask how much does the team really need this task?
    • Are you critical for this task?
    • Is this an emergency situation or just the daily routine due to bad management?
  • When you’re passionate about something, there are many jobs as options available, you just need to socialize your desires and be patient.
  • It may be a dream job but is it YOUR dream?

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