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Veronica Kirin is an anthropologist turned serial entrepreneur.  She loves working closely with clients to help them reach their goals.  Her first business, Green Cup Design, began as a freelance web design venture and has grown into digital maintenance for small businesses.




Key Takeaways

  • Input through areas outside of our business gives us insight for our business.
  • Bartering services with other entrepreneurs and small businesses are a great way to get free stuff, make great recommendations and build a portfolio.
  • Say “Yes I can do that.” Then figure it out.
  • Get a mentor.
  • It’s time to raise your prices when no one is complaining that your prices are too high.
  • Price point determines what type of clients you are going get. Determine your perfect client then adjust pricing to the level that meets their expectations.
  • Don’t rely solely on an hourly rate to price your services.
  • Hustle can lead to burnout. Pace yourself.
  • Temper your ideas and turn them into 1, 3 and 5 year plans.
  • Start one thing once per year and give it a year before deciding to scale or drop.
  • Create schedules to hit goals within a week, so you don’t forget to do them.
  • Look at business as a series of hypotheses and have a reasonable testing period and process for each.
  • It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of working on your business and forget the planning.
    • Focus on the seeds rather than the fruit.
    • The money won’t come if you aren’t planting seeds


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