Getting the vision right and effectively communicating that vision to the team is tough. Tyler Thompson has seen both good and bad examples in nearly two decades of video game development. Though this experience he’s learned that as a leader, you are responsible for a lot of people’s overall happiness. With that responsibility in mind, Tyler and his cofounders have put together a team and are currently developing a new video game.

For 19 years Tyler Thompson has been helping craft games than entertain millions of people. He’s been lucky enough to work on big titles in both small startups and large studios, including Diablo 2, Diablo 3, Hellgate: London, The Sims 4, SimCity, a new Maxis IP and


Key Takeaways

  • Leaders need to have the confidence to be vulnerable
  • Effective leaders are looking for the best outcome of the organization, not egos
  • Instead of answering a question, make sure people are asking the right questions
  • “Commander’s Intent” = vision = hard to get right and takes a lot of effort to get right
  • Product Owner in agile is the most critical and difficult job
  • As a leader, you’re responsible for a lot of people’s happiness

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