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Tom Cooper, father of 7, started out his career as a computer geek. Along his journey he worked in big and small companies building teams, running projects, and building software products. Today Tom is a speaker, trainer and coach. He says he gets really excited when he works with people who want to become better leaders by getting better at planning, communicating and connecting with others.


What You Will Learn in This Episode

  • What causes projects to fail when the teams consist of really smart people.
  • The things a leader should be focused on (hint: it isn’t the tasks).
  • The difference between the success that come from geeky knowledge and the success that come from people knowledge.
  • The 4 levels of thinking as a Geek Leader: how to self-assess and climb the ranks.
  • What Uber Geeks need to focus on in order to get recognized.
  • Why geeks are rarely self-aware and how it can kill their career.
  • The issues our business customers want to talk about (hint: it isn’t the technology).


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