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ScrumBrawl is a competitive board game designed for 2-4 players where fantastic creatures vie for supremacy within a 20×20 battle arena. Tim Bugher, one-half of VicTim Games, shares the origin story of the game (conceived as a space battle card game) as well as his reasons for getting unplugged on this episode.

Tim Bugher started working in the internet/web development field in 1997 as dial-up tech support.  One day as a joke, he Photoshopped a picture of his boss and emailed it to everyone at the small local ISP where he worked. Instead of being reprimanded, he was promptly moved over to work in their web development dept.  He’s been involved with web development in some capacity ever since.

For fun, Tim likes to play basketball and golf, ride motorcycles, draw, and play and invent board games.  His wife also loves to ride motorcycles and is also involved in technology, working for the Air Force at the Air Force Institute of Technology.  They have a daughter who is in the Air Force working on F-22s and they also have 2 boxers.


Win a copy of ScrumBrawl!

I’m giving away a copy of ScrumBrawl to our listeners. Leave a review for Hello Tech Pros podcast on iTunes, then email chad [at] to let me know. At the end of the week, Tim and I will draw one lucky winner from the list of entries. I’ll ship you a free copy of the game.


Key Takeaways

  • Don’t build a board game trying to get rich; it has to be a labor of love
  • Test your idea early and often and pivot when necessary
  • Take an overcomplicated design and strip it down to it’s core
  • ScrumBrawl launched in 2011 with 100 cards
  • Expansion is in the works
    • 40 cards – 20 creatures + orb types + negative enchantments

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