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Theo Priestley is the CEO of Cronycle, a content discovery and collaboration platform. Priestley has a wealth of experience in senior positions at software companies and advisory roles working with diverse startups such as Cupenya, and Novaquark (developing the E3 hit Dual Universe). Priestley is very active in the startup community mentoring within UK and US accelerators.


Key Takeaways

  • Documentation for the sake of documentation is unproductive.
  • Kit bags are project and document templates to build on quickly instead of creating from scratch.
  • Find like-minded people who are willing to run with POCs and then proving it works.
  • Information is everywhere and we are poor at filtering the noise.
    • It feels like we are drowning in a content tsunami.
  • Groups tend to fall into the relevance paradox. They don’t know to look for different types of information because of the lack of experience and knowledge. (You don’t know what you don’t know.)
  • Automation should be used to augment the filtering process, not replace it.
  • Who are the sources that are providing real, diverse value and who are just posting memes? Filter the memes.
  • If you have to create a new channel to replace the channel that is just filled with noise it is past time to implement a channel moderator or curator.
  • Some content is designed to be point-in-time just for that project and some will be evergreen.
  • Be more selective about content you consume.


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