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Born and raised in Chicago, Steven Shalowitz conceived the idea for “The One Way Ticket Show” podcast while producing and hosting a radio show in Singapore. He explores with his high profile guests where they’d go if given a one way ticket – no coming back! Destinations may be in the past, present, future, real, imaginary, or state of mind.

An exhibited photographer with a penchant for travel to rogue nations, Steven’s adventures have taken him from North Korea to Libya, Iran to Burundi, and Syria to Burkina Faso.

Steven earned his B.A. in Chinese Language & Literature from Washington University in St. Louis, and his M.A. in International Relations from The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Washington, D.C.




Key Takeaways

  • Some people’s Unplugged day is Saturday or Tuesday. What matters is that you take the time to disconnect your mind.
  • When traveling, fully embrace the experience you’re in. Don’t spend your time posting on social media viewing everything through in the camera lens.
  • “One-way” answers reveal what people aspire to achieve.
  • Don’t spend too much time thinking about which new places to go to, just pick one and go.
  • The local off season is a good time to go.
  • Combine guided tours with individual exploration.
  • Learn enough of a foreign language to read the signs.
  • Make sure your passport is valid for 6 months or more.
  • You’re not there to share pictures, you’re there for the experience and to come back changed.


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Full Transcript with Steven Shalowitz — Where Would You Go If You Had a One-Way Ticket to Anywhere?


hello tech pros episode 119
travel should really change you and it should enrich you as a person it should
make you understand the world around us
welcome to the podcast where i chat with professionals who are getting the job
done using technology seven days a week each week we start with motivation
monday tuesday is about productivity Wednesday leadership Thursday technology
friday people in communication Saturday entrepreneurship and sunday being unplug
all right let’s get started
hello tech pros this is Chad Bostick and I’m excited to introduce our featured
guest today
Steven Shalowitz happy sunday Steven happy sunday to you – how you doing I’m
doing great man it’s been an amazing week last week
it’s a awesome weekend and today is my day other than publishing this episode
which seems like work to some people but it’s really fun for me
publishing this episode other than that I am unplug and unwound and just
relaxing with my family how about yourself
well sundays i actually gear up a little bit
yeah because I do because Saturday’s are my unplugged a good i think yeah I think
you know people have their own unplugged a right sometimes people work and it’s
in the middle of the week sometimes it’s at the weekend from me
I am Jewish and so our Sabbath is from Friday night to Saturday night
so during that time I try to unplug as much as possible i’ll go to services in
the morning and the whole notion of a sabot is literally to unplug so that
means you know I i I’m not checking emails i’m not checking Facebook
uh I will use the phone but that’s it that’s really as far as I go
I don’t watch TV I don’t listen to radio is a podcaster I of course i have to say
i don’t listen to podcast either and it is so wonderful just to have that peace
of mind to have that peace and quiet and just to really just unplug it is very
funny because and I’ve relate this in other venues before is that a number of
years ago the dr andrew weil came out with a book called seven weeks to
optimal health and one of the suggestions that he has Chad
is to have a news fast for a week and he doesn’t mean to be uninformed but what
he means is really just to have peace and quiet for a week and not have so
much clutter up your brain your mind and really just to truly unplug and that’s
really the purpose of a Sabbath so it’s meant to spend time with family with
friends and just to have a contemplative quiet time so my saturdays are usually
really I’ll go to the synagogue in the morning I always take a nap in the
afternoon that really recharges and revitalizes me sometimes I sneak in a
nap during the week as well what I can uh but i’m a big proponent of knapik but
i’ll take a nap i’ll go to the gym sometimes I’ll go to a museum
I’ll catch up with family or friends and it’s just a very quiet quiet time in
it’s also my time to read as well
and by the time sundown comes on saturday evening
I almost don’t want to check my emails i don’t want to check social media because
I’ve had just such a relaxing unplugged experience
oh man Steven that’s that is so awesome and and it resonates with my feelings my
thoughts exactly we have a different schedule but we have the same mind we
have this the same goals and same priorities which is you know what
sometimes it’s just beneficial to unplug from all of this stuff it’s it’s a
requirement for me to unstress to destress to get away from work and from
just all the I don’t know just so much stuff that’s going on here so fast paced
so regardless of you know as a as a work-from-home guy doing this podcast
now full time sunday honestly my unplug sunday is on a tuesday because hey we
can you know right like today is the sunday and you’re working but it’s a
fight it’s a fun kind of work that even the fun kind of work you still need to
take a break from and I i find that whether it’s your sunday or my saturday
or someone else’s thursday
whatever it is it’s almost like you’re on an island you’re on an island
vacation one day during the week
absolutely well let’s introduce you to the audience so you and I know each
other pretty well but the audience doesn’t so born and raised in Chicago
Steven Shalowitz can see the idea for the one-way ticket show podcast
while producing and hosting a radio show in singapore he explores with this
high-profile guess where they go
if given a one-way ticket no coming back destinations maybe in the past the
present future real imaginary or even a state of mind an exhibit of a tan
exhibited photographer with a shock for travel to rogue nations Stevens
adventures have taken him from North Korea to Libya Iran to Burundi Syria to
Burkina for that
Steve and I haven’t even heard of these burkina faso are you trying to get that
one out yeah i’m trying to get line whether it’s in west africa
ok and I’m going to put . . . many other places across the universe
uh-huh not quite the universe yet Chad but at least across the globe baby
maybe we found out one day so Steven dis they don’t say that
thank you for that kind introduction you bet this this concept is just awesome
and I appreciate that
yeah it’s um man we’re talking about unplugging and you’re taking it to a
whole nother level these adventures that you’re going on specifically and then
the adventures that you’re talking to your guests about
it’s not just unplugging like for a day and not taking social media
you’re like peace out brother I am gone to some remote part of the world that
nobody else has heard of
well what’s so great about going to these places is that I was gonna say on
the one hand nobody can reach you but on the other hand everyone can reach you
because at the end of the day technology is what it is today and we do live
actually in a very small world so people can get a hold of you
but let’s just say it’s not always so easy in fact just a moment ago you
mentioned that i was in Burundi
excuse me in well I wasn’t burundi but in burkina faso which is in west africa
and I remember we were having I was with a group and we were having lunch and at
the next table were a bunch of Peace Corps volunteers and they were in when I
mean the back of beyond they were in the back of beyond this was actually about
10 years ago
and I said how I asked them how often do you speak with your families they said
about every day or so because we get cell phone coverage here
I mean there’s excellent cell phone coverage even in the most remote assist
of locations the most remote locations i should say so it’s very easy actually to
stay in touch but most of the time when you’re going to these places
it’s your really unplugged you’re absolutely right and i think that in
order to fully embrace the experience that you’re in
you need to be unplugged I know so many people so many friends that when they go
on vacation
they’re taking photos just so that they I’m not saying they’re going on vacation
to post them on facebook and that’s their sole reason for going but they’re
posting constantly whether it’s Facebook whether it’s Twitter whether it’s
Instagram and I think to myself why can’t you just enjoy the moment and you
know you need to separate yourself at least this is my philosophy
I do not post or I haven’t yet while i’m on vacation because I truly want to
enjoy and embrace the moment and I just can’t see getting out of that zone if
you will because once you’re looking at a screen
you’re already taking yourself out of the experience mmm
man that’s so true and i have found myself guilty of doing just that on
different occasions on different things
both from the phone as well as from the DSLR right i have have found myself a
living in in a world of just looking through the lens of my camera instead of
just being in awe and sitting for 10 minutes and just experiencing this
amazing place that I’m traveling – I’m trying to snap as many photographs as i
can so i can remember when i get home instead of just like wow like looking
all around me and letting it soak in
sometimes you just need to be and it’s very funny you said about looking
through the lens of a camera
when was it two years ago I was in Algeria spent about two and a half weeks
traveling through algeria and my last day I was in Algiers which is the
capital and it’s a beautiful beautiful art deco city it actually has a mash-up
of different park
textual styles and I decided to go outside without my camera and I’ll cut a
very very long story short but I had the most extraordinary experiences without
my camera
I was sitting in a cafe there are a bunch of guys sitting at the next table
they asked me to take their photo and we struck up a conversation and they turned
out to be actors and they were on a break shooting filled that a couple
blocks away and their English was all right wasn’t great but it’s all right
and they they made themselves understood and they asked if I wanted to go see the
set so I went over to this beautiful old building that they were shooting in they
brought me there
they showed me around showed me around the set and then one of the actors was
finished and you said you want to go grab a cup of coffee has had great so
we’re walking down the street
we ran into other friends of his and we ended up sitting there for a good couple
of hours again I didn’t have my camera with me a good couple of hours and to
this day I’m still in touch with both that one actor that brought me around
and then one of the other guys at the table who is quite a well-known
journalist in algeria in fact finding enough he came to the us about a year a
year and a half ago and we got together here in New York City
so it’s amazing what happens when you don’t carry your camera around to the
experiences that you can have and and the fact that you were open to like
making eye contact and seeing people and talking to them instead of just looking
down at your phone and scrolling through your twitter feed and checking up on the
emails and all the kind of stuff that sometimes we don’t do even when we’re in
amazing locations but we’re not unplugged
absolutely and that’s what we need to do more of is divorce ourselves from the
technology and don’t forget as I said and as you said you know I’m a podcaster
and i rarely walk down the street with your buds in my ear because i want to
hear what’s going on
again I’m here in New York City and i like to hear the buzz of the street
what’s going on I like to hear the buskers singing in fact
funny enough there’s one man that that is on the corner of let’s see if any of
your listeners make it to New York it’s right
opposite Lincoln Center and there’s a starbucks in his name is Michael and he
sings for money very sadly he’s been he down on his lock but i have to tell you
I can hear his voice about two blocks away
he really belt it out and he has perfect perfect pitch and is the funniest nicest
guy he’s a great performer and I just hope like anything that he gets
discovered but the point is I would never get to know Michael or hear him
saying and hear all of his wonderful tunes
if I had your buds in my ear so again we just need to unplug and just be amazing
so Steven how did you come up with this idea of the one-way ticket so tell us a
little bit about the format of the show and the guests that you talking that you
talk to and where this inspiration came from a short
well as you mentioned a moment ago I was producing hosting a radio show in
singapore i had lived in Asia for a long time
china and then singapore’s working advertising but at the weekend I had a
radio show in singapore and I used to do a lot of celebrity interviews and it was
one day it literally just hit me
I wonder where all of these celebs would go if i gave him a one-way ticket no
coming back and the same time that it hit me
I said I’m gonna hold on to the idea because one day i will move to New York
and one day I’ll do a whole show around it and that’s what I did it take you to
get me a while to get the show started for a variety of reasons
no fault of my own but I took me a while to get all the pieces because as you
know putting a podcast together especially if you’re interviewing people
there are a lot of moving parts and and so I started the show I’ve been doing it
now for four years I have
wow I think i’m up to a hundred and seven episodes is as we go to air
something like that all I’d have to check
I’m not too good with numbers that’s why I’m doing podcasts yeah i’m not a
financed by the way and so it’s around a hundred and five hundred 1707 but I
interviewed are a variety of people all every single one is at the top of his or
her game
I’ve interviewed everyone from same talk show host Dick Abbott interviewed him
twice –
Muraki who many of your listeners will know from wait wait don’t tell me its
CBS news as well as the cooking channel
I’ve interviewed Richard question bill we’re from CNN
I’ve interviewed josé ramos-horta who is a nobel peace prize winner is the
former president of East Timor in Asia a very well-known photographers artists
writers thought leaders have all come on my show and I have a tremendous laundry
list of people and nation a laundry list but a tremendous list of people that are
in the pipeline that I’ll be interviewing as well which I’m really
really excited about
so it’s been just a variety of people what we do is we
of course I ask them their one-way ticket destinations and from there we
explore what is there one we take a destination which can be in the past
present future
it can be real imaginary or it can even be a state of mind
so we had a variety of the answers from again a wide swath of different people
I’ve had everything from and i’ll just throw a few out there i had everything
from Paris today to Paris of the nineteen twenties to Paris to the Belle
époque era but then I’ve also had just keepin on a french-themed a very
well-known landscape architect wanted a one-way ticket to the world of French
gardens while an embroidery artist wanted a one-way ticket to the world of
French embroidery
I’ve had an amazing isn’t it great i’ve had one way tickets well into the future
I’ve had people say they want one way tickets into outer space
I’ve had one very well-known sculptor wanted a one-way ticket to be the head
stone mason at machu picchu when it was built in the 15th century
so we’ve literally had just about every kind of answer you can imagine i just
mentioned Dick Cavett the same talk show host and author moments ago and he
wanted a one-way ticket to have a conversation for eternity with oscar
wilde the same writer
Oscar Wilde at the savoy hotel dining room in London or wild favorite London
pub I have one thing that one single wanted one way ticket to gratitude while
his singing partner wanted a one-way ticket to an audience
so again beautiful stretches so we explore the reasons why what
I hope to get out of the experience what they would take with them what they
would do their people that they would want to meet there who they’d like to
take with them we have a whole conversation going on around that and
then we also talked about people’s lives and work and and any projects that
they’re working on so it’s a very rich robust conversation that that we have in
the show
so at the beginning of the episode you and I talked about our reason for why we
feel like we want to get unplugged personally write you Steven you want to
get unplugged and you take your sabbath every weekend and I have my sunday or my
tuesday or whatever day of the week works for me to spend time with my
family what’s the biggest lesson that you’ve learned from your guests that
have come on to your show to tell you about their one-way tickets
that is a tough question to answer Chad and that’s why you’re getting paid the
big box right
the biggest lesson I i would have to say I don’t know if there was one lesson per
se but i think that people’s one-way ticket answers
definitely reveal something about their character and they often reveal what
they hope to achieve our hope to aspire to and I think by asking the question
you can really tell a lot about somebody and their values and who they are or
what they hope to achieve in life because again though the answers have
been so varied that there is one particular nugget but as I said it just
shows a a different facet of someone’s character and the musicians who want an
audience and the music into want to find gratitude right or I’ve had up
I had a fascinating fascinating interview with Prince Dimitri of
Yugoslavia who’s a very well-known he spoke jeweler here in New York City and
I can call him a friend now as well it’s funny because many of my guests have
become friends which is which is always a nice x divided cool and he wanted a
one-way ticket his episode was he was actually my hundred gas but it episode
about a hundred more
oh and i think it was episode 202 203 because we had to repeat guess
but prince to meet review said you wanted a one-way ticket to heaven and he
defined both heaven here on earth in heaven in the afterlife and that was
just a a brilliant way
her approach i should say to answer the question and he gave such great detail
into why he chose heaven
I had a two people in tax said that they wanted a one way to get home and they
defined what home was so again it shows a lot about someone’s personality
well you know that’s something amazing that I’m still discovering is talking to
my guess I learned so much about the world about how people think and really
about myself it’s just like hearing you talk about this
I’m really really thinking about what is my one-way ticket and what is hope
what does that say about Chad right and to be honest i’ll go ahead and tell you
guys really funny that happened about not sharing it yet
and how about i will read it out on my next episode
okay perfect listen let me think about it let me clarify and get really really
clear on what my one-way ticket is and then i’ll send it to you and then you
can read it off on your podcast and that i can send some of my audience to listen
to that episode and you can send some of your audience to come back to listen to
this episode
you got a deal in fact i will have yours on the episode with a writer Gary
Mancuso who wrote a book called the last places on earth he took close to six
years and travel to
I mean I go to far flung places but Gary also goes to really far flung places and
he does it in a very he travels in a very unique way shall we say and i’ll do
i’ll read your answer off on his episode may how wow that’s a big honor so thank
you thank you so much for most welcome so have your listener so Chaz listeners
love look out for
she has one we take that answer on the Gary Mancuso episode of the one-way
ticket show
awesome and once you have it published then i will put that in the links on the
show notes page for this episode
Oh fantastic yeah which will be at hello tech pros . com / 119 this is episode
and we will have it linked up there so come back to the to the website at
teletech / 119 and we’ll have that but we’re we’re not done yet we’re
not done yet we have a lot more stuff to talk about Steven in just a moment I
want to ask you about how you do so much travel like all the all the tips and
tricks that you’ve learned about moving across the globe and find these amazing
locations to meet actors in foreign countries and get invited to be on their
sets but first we’re going to take a quick break and thank our sponsors this
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ok we’re back with Steven shallow it’s we’ve been talking to Steven who is an
exhibited photographer he’s an international world traveler traveler
perhaps even a galactic traveler though he hasn’t admitted to it yet and the the
host of the podcast the one-way ticket show where he talks to me and so many
different variety people of from Prince’s to musicians to artists to
world travelers of leaders thought leaders and so many different realms
about where they would go if they got a one-way ticket to different destinations
and so Steven shared with us so many different stories about these these
adventures that his guests would like to go on
Steven you have been literally into a lot of different adventures and a lot of
different places in the world do you have any tips or tricks for the audience
on traveling right if we want to pack up and just go to some of these exotic
first of all how do we decide on a location where there’s so many to choose
from and then how do we figure out the best way to get there
well i think the first thing is is just go in other words is that if you if
there’s a place that you have any interest in just make up your mind and
and go
I know it’s easier said than done now come all the details right right of
you know how to decide where to go again it depends on so many different factors
it depends on budget it depends on how much time you have it depends on one’s
interest level
uh oh it depends on what one likes to do and so I not in how you want to travel
to want to travel high-end luxurious or do on travel low and backpacking
yourself or with a group with a family friend you know so all those things you
have to decide
blood once you do that you just start doing your research and once you start
doing your research
it’s a really a snowball effect and you’re just in it all just really begins
to to come into place from me
i’m very interested in non-western cultures and so that’s why I tend to
travel to places that are a little bit more off the beaten path or even those
that are Western societies I like to do them during unusual times of year kind
of off offseason and off season is always a good time to go to places
because number one the lines are shorter number two is that you get better deals
and number three is that you really see the place when it’s it most authentic
and i was a student in London during my junior year when i was in college and my
favorite time of year in London was january-february because I felt London
returned to the Londoners because London will always get tourists but it’s not
like it is in June July and August and so it was so much more quiet and there
was something very cozy about London in a sort of the late afternoon when it’s
getting dark and it’s a little bit snowier and it’s cold and it’s just
there’s something very authentic about the experience and speaking of winters
I always wanted to go to Russia to Moscow and st. Petersburg and when did I
go I went two winters ago and i decided to go in the winter because I wanted to
see it at its most authentic and i recommend to everybody if you want to go
to Russia Moscow and st. Petersburg you go in the winter
I it was the most magical experience not only in the snow but I got into all the
museum’s I wanted to in some cases some of the galleries were void of any people
there might have been one or two other people in large rooms with masterpieces
of hanging on the walls once so again i totally recommend that but you know for
more off the grid places often times you either need a guide or you have to go
with a group or what I like to do is if you’re going with a group to go early
and do some of the year
self and or stay a couple days later and then do some of it yourself and just the
one thing that the one place that comes to mind and it’s not so off the great
because many people go to Egypt but is Egypt i did want to go with the group
because i wanted to have the archaeologists to explain everything and
I just it’s just a lot easier to make arrangements and so on
in any event I did arrange to go a couple days early and I went to
Alexandria myself I took the train up
I explored Alexandria took the train back to Cairo and then met the group and
then after the group left
I had two days extra in Cairo just to explore it myself to go back to places
that I wanted to go back to and I find that when you do that when you have a an
experience beyond a group you really get to understand a place so much better
it’s like what I was just explaining when I’m about my experience in algiers
algeria just sitting at a cafe and meeting people and then striking up a
friendship with them
you mentioned earlier round at the top of the show that i visited North Korea
that also i did with the group because that you have to do with the group but I
arranged it so that i could spend a couple days on my own of course they
give you guides because you can’t just wander off in North Korea yourself nor
what you want to but they gave me guides and the guys I two guides and they were
with me twenty-four/seven except for when i was sleeping uhh
but again it was a great experience to be a little bit as much out on my own as
I could be
but without a without a group so that’s a huge piece of advice that I have for
everybody if you go with a group because of logistics because it’s just easier or
you go with a guide somewhere and you have a guided tour just you and the guy
just try and and and spend time alone where you can so that you can absorb the
place yourself
i love that that hybrid blended approach that ya out there Steven where you’re
you’re not doing one or the other you’re doing both right and so I i really think
that I love that approach and i’m going to definitely take your advice and start
doing that more often and by the way I
I just want to add there are so many places in the world that you can go
alone and like I went to russia alone and I don’t speak Russian
but if you learn enough of the alphabet you can you can get by i mean i planted
in Moscow and I i had my hotel reservation ahead of time and I asked
i called up and I asked how do you get from the airport to the hotel they get
they told me how to take the high-speed train which train station to get off at
and then I just I learned enough Russian myself
in other words I – because it’s different alphabet it’s a Cyrillic
I learned enough that I could read it and make make it out
and so I was able to go where I needed to go and i felt like i was almost on
the amazing race chat because I ads I remember I i was going up the escalator
they have very long escalators because they were bit the subway was built for
you know is underground for for bomb shelters right okay but there’s Subway’s
are gorgeous there and and so I was going up the escalator and I remember
opening the door to the subway and right front of me was the hotel and that’s
when I felt like I was on The Amazing Race you don’t like I one that I want I
did it so so that was quite excited because that’s part of the fun of travel
isn’t it i’ll be part of the fun is getting lost you don’t want to get lost
in a bad neighborhood and have something awful happened to you but you know part
of the fun is is the adventure of it all but I i it’s it’s the hybrid thing but
again any listener that wants to go somewhere
it’s not undoable to do it yourself you can definitely do it yourself
man that’s that’s so inspiring because I know there’s a lot of people out there
who have all these are blocks these mental blocks or physical blocks were
like I can’t do it because of the money i can’t do it because of I don’t know
how to speak the language i don’t i don’t know any guides you know it’s just
it’s just too difficult is too risky there’s so much you know terrorism and
and bad people in the world I don’t want to get stuck in the wrong neighborhood
and and miss the plane back or missed the boat back or whatever so do you have
any final words of wisdom for those folks since and anything that you want
to share with the audience to kind of sum up this whole conversation and get
people inspired to
I don’t know to take on this these journeys our adventures
yeah well i would just say just if you’re interested in a place just go
just you know they’re there are so many different ways of travel that you can
stay in an Airbnb or you can stay at a five-star hotel so investigate the
Airbnb if you don’t want to stay at the five-star hotel and the the host of the
Airbnb is most likely a great person and will give you great guidance on the
place that you’re staying in and then also utilize the hotel as well if you
just show up at a place because they they know the drill
and they’ll be able to set you on the right course but make sure that you have
a valid passport and of course you also have to make sure by the way that your
passport is valid for a minimum of six months because if you need a visa or if
you need a visa they countries some some countries will not issue a visa unless
you’re about your passport is valid for more than six months in some countries
won’t let you in if your passport is not valid for more than six months so that
you you have to check but apart from that just arrange it go everything will
get sorted out and just be careful of the surroundings and obviously be
careful but just go and have a great time because most people out there in
this world are actually really good
we had I love what you said about being aware of your surroundings and if you’re
unplug from technology
if you’re unplugged from the maps and you’re just you get your head up you
your swivel around your you’re aware of what’s going on left and right behind in
front of you
it’s you’re going to be not so much a target right you’re not going to be a
target because you know what’s going on and you can scoot and get out of you
get out of the area if you need to absolutely in the most important thing
is to go back to what you were saying is just make sure that you get unplugged
I know people like to post things on social media etc but again that can wait
two weeks
the experience can to spend so much time money and effort getting to a place that
just enjoy the place and embrace the place for what for
because that’s why you’re there you’re not there to show people your pictures
you’re there to have an experience and to come back changed I think that’s the
important thing of travel travel should really change you and it should enrich
you as a person it should make you understand the world around us
so that when you do come back and you hear about a place in the news you have
a different perspective than when you started
awesome awesome stuff Steven thank you so much for joining us it today
look for what is that yeah before we go do you want to share some links or some
ways on social media where people can get a hold of you
speaking of social media right iraq so i guess i’m going to say this don’t don’t
check this out don’t check out my social media while you’re on vacation but the
moment you come back from vacation please check it out
well of course my my website is the one way ticket it’s the one way to
get and your listeners can also check out the show on iTunes and
stitcher the one-way ticket show they can reach me it
Steven at the one-way ticket it’s Steven at the one-way ticket and they can look for me steven shallow it’s on social media and also
the one way ticket show on facebook as well and i would love can i invite your
listeners to write in with their one way to get destinations because i’d love to
read them on air
so if your listeners want to share if you chance listeners want to share your
one we take a destinations
please write to me at Steven at the one-way ticket and i’ll read
your destination on air
let me know why you want to go to your destination by the way and it by the way
if they have any travel questions and more than a medical to answer any travel
questions offline – yeah and please copy me because I want to hear – so Chad at
hello or you can join the conversation any day or night of the
week by visiting hello tech pros . com / slack and you can join my slack channel
which is like a an online chat channel but that’s available at me and some of
my guests and some of my listeners have lots of conversations about and I’d like
to jam with you on on this topic this particular topic where would you go
because i’m always looking for that next destination where I can go get unplugged
Steven thank you so much for joining me on hello tech pros today I really value
your stories and your humor and your wisdom
and appreciate you taking time out of your busy very productive sunday to
spend time with us share this has been so much fun and I really appreciate it
and I hope this wasn’t too much work for you on your sunday your day off
well you know what i’ll give you a little secret it’s not really sunday
we’re just publishing it today on tonight
so my son Dave and unplug as our little secret we won’t tell the audience
we won’t tell yeah well we’ll schedule this to produce to publish on sunday and
i will be busy taking a nap
you’ve been listening to Steven Shalowitz and I’m Chad Bostick and until
next time take care
the show notes page for this episode can be found at hello tech pros calm / 119
do you use slack for team communication join the hello techno / channel at hello
tech / slack
if you enjoyed this episode please leave a review
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this has been Sunday being unplugged but tomorrow my featured guest and I will
get fired up and ready to face the week with motivation Monday on Tuesday will
be discussing productivity Wednesday leadership Thursday technology friday
people in communication Saturday entrepreneurship and back again on
Sunday to get unplugged and i’ll talk to you tomorrow


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