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Steven Judd is a 23 year IT professional who has done individual consulting, worked for 20 person start-ups, Dot-Com growth companies, and Fortune 100 enterprises. He has implemented from zero to hero installations, as well as bleeding edge video delivery solutions, but is currently focused on application automation and procedural standardization.


Key Takeaways

  • Unplugged is disconnecting from routines.
  • How do you become the person you want to become? When you close your eyes and picture yourself, what is the process to achieve that? How do you track your progress?
  • There is no “making time” for your goals. It’s a journey and a lifestyle.
  • Surge Up to achieve a goal.
  • Surge Down and take time off to catch your breath.
  • You have to make sacrifices to attain a goal.
  • Many employers are designed to get the most amount of work out of you for the least amount of money.
  • How much is your time worth to yourself?
  • Long runs can help unwind.
  • You cant outrun a fork. Lose weight in the kitchen. Get in shape with excersize.
  • You have to rest in order to perform at your peak capacity.
  • Let your mind wander, turn it loose, think about whatever you want to think about.
    • Turn off negative thoughts or you will be slower and injury prone.
  • Let the Junk Go and Think About Your Goals.
  • Have you started Tapering?


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Full Transcript with Steven Judd — Training for Marathons Helps Achieve Career Goals


hello tech pros episode 140 get your goal set your goal and then start
working towards achievement don’t pay attention to the negatives tosca was
negative thoughts out make sure you rest and then celebrate your goal when you
achieve it
welcome to the podcast where i chat with professionals who are getting the job
done using technology seven days a week each week we start with motivation
monday tuesday is about productivity Wednesday leadership Thursday technology
friday people in communication Saturday entrepreneurship and sunday being
alright let’s get started hello tech pros this is Chad Bostick and I’m excited
to introduce our featured guest today
Steven Judd happy sunday Steven happy sunday to Chad looking forward to it
hey are you ready to unplug and unwind
I’m so ready that I don’t even have my shoes on yet the hand that was probably
almost borderline too much information but i live in florida and nobody wears
shoes anytime I went to like some fancy back to us and not fancy but you know
like all the parents go to this back-to-school meet up and meet the
teachers and all this kind of stuff and so people have on like press shirts you
know either slacks or jeans and eighty-two percent of the men were still
wearing flip-flops and I’m like okay cool
that’s swamp life yeah I don’t do the flip-flops because I can’t stand that
are strapped between my toes but you know today’s one of those days I’m going
to wander around and feel the carpet just enjoy not not were doing and you
put where that that bothers the feet
awesome that’s what it’s all about well for our audience who doesn’t know Steven
Judd Steven Judd is a 23-year IT professional who has done individual
consulting worked for 20 persons startups . com growth companies in
Fortune 100 Enterprises is implemented from zero to hero installations as well
as bleeding edge video delivery solutions is currently focused on
application automation and procedural
standardization which Steven sounds amazing
monday through saturday but today I don’t give a crap about any of that
stuff to be honest with you you know what’s funny about that is most people
don’t care about that on monday through saturday right right
hey what what the heck is a zero to hero installation is that that’s the funny
question so I and speaking that bio I got to tell you a quick story about that
I sure i was going to sign up for the fellow tech pros and I’m i entered
everything and and i was listening to your podcast I’m like I got to get
signed up I gotta talk to Chad and you get this going and so I typed in and
spend some time thinking about it what do your very awesome easy form and
attacked up this excellent bio and I read it like that it’s great when I was
doing it all on my phone and then I got in my car and I’m like oh I gotta drive
for a second here because you know texting and driving
no not a good plan you know so i went somewhere and remember where i want is a
short driving i’m ok now i gotta hit soon soaking up my phone browser refresh
20 no so
word to the wise don’t do that don’t do that yeah don’t do that
so zero to hero is the done when you get the call from a client or someone some
sales person sets up a client and you go show up and they have nothing that they
literally have nothing and they have no pcs have no network have no wiring and
they go so wow we’re we need stuff can you set us up
i heard i need some bangle interwebs can you hook me up with some being dangled
interwebs around here
yeah yeah so I had one particular law firm they don’t know they obviously had
computers but they were old and they called us up and they’re like you know
we need the stuff so I ran the cable setup all the computer setup the server
setup the backup schedule and train them on everything new computers knew
everything and
finish the engagement walked away they called us one year later and said we
need some help
we can’t find the file on the back up so I go over there and find their file on
the backup restore it make a couple tweaks on the server and say okay
everything good yeah everything’s good disappeared for another year where they
called me up and said yeah we can’t find another file on the back up in two years
restored to files didn’t do another thing at that point
now you know that’s a good installation yeah rock solid it’s not very good for
repeat business but it sure is good for reputation
absolutely yeah it’s it’s always an awesome tech pro when you never have to
get called back out to client side again because it just runs and it works right
kind of like candlelight user experience is the best the best UI is no UI is just
magic and it takes care of everything for you without you being there exactly
schools that’s the real life satisfaction problem that good IT people
have and I’ve kind of discovered this overtime is the better you are at your
job more invisible you are
hmm and you know infrastructure guys fight with that all the time because if
they’re really good infrastructure guys the business people never know that
there’s a problem or was a problem or that they were on the verge of
catastrophe because there’s good and i found it and they fixed it and no one
knows we’re gonna have to totally bring you back for a I don’t know detect
thursday or productivity tuesday or even a people friday to go into that story
but honestly this is like four and a half minutes worth of work which is like
four and a half minutes more work than i wanted to do on a sunday but so let’s
show that conversation
excellent come back later and i have no problem telling you that Steven because
you have known each other for how long have been about 850 to $OPERAND years or
no quite like that serious late you’re so yeah 800 years it’s a lot closer to
that it’s close it’s closer to eight hundred years there
eight years but we’ve known each other a long time and we were joking right
before the podcast like what what are we going to talk about dude we’re gonna
talk about the same crap that we have always talked about only the difference
today on
hello tech pros unplug sunday is there’s a microphone and it’s been recorded
other than that it’s just the same
yeah and so this way our friends can laugh at us for years to come for the
stuff that we said and did I wish they would honestly I Steven i wish they
would laugh at us and post things on the interwebs to make fun of us because uh I
feel like I’m failing as a podcast host right now because I don’t have many
haters like I’ve gotten that I’ve gotten the honestly the feedback that I’ve
gotten is like very polite feedback hello Chad um you know on your guests
sign up page i think there’s probably maybe a little bit too much information
that you’re asking for and i have a website that like details all that
information so and it would be cool like if you just ask the guests hey can you
be on the show and then just like copy and paste that stuff in my sights I
didn’t have to do about that it’s cool it’s cool it’s cool you know I’ve gotten
that feedback and I’ve gotten feedback like well dude it’s just that you post
so much content all week long i just can’t keep up with you and I’m really
behind but I want to get the ones the one that I did listen to it was amazing
it was awesome it was good but I don’t have the haters you know it in there
they’re our friends and family and random people on the internet that are
haters in real life but they haven’t hated on the podcast yet and so i’m just
waiting for that to happen so I guess you haven’t posted it on youtube yet it
is but I haven’t really uh oh my goodness
yeah so I just a couple weeks ago actually found out through that through
my immediate host whenever I schedule my mp3 to go up every morning at five
thirty in the morning eastern time that it also has the ability to post to
multiple like different things and they just added a conversion utility in there
were it will convert your mp3 and gift for jpeg or what
your image that you put with it it will convert that to a video file which is
just like a static image of the you know the icon of the show or whatever and
then the audio of it playing so that has started a couple weeks ago but i guess
the haters haven’t found it on youtube yet
oh yeah all you need is 11 episode to get rolling another the hate comments or
will be on overdrive
yeah or read it and I’ve actually tried I’ve tried to submit my own podcast or
reddit which is like a big no-no right because they will flag you and and stab
you in the face for doing that kind of stuff because the reddits are all about
like I don’t know promoting cool stuff from somebody else that you’ve never
heard of before and not your own stuff because they don’t spammers which i
completely agree with but i can even post on Reddit because i don’t have a
reddit karma hired high enough to post anything so yeah maybe maybe somebody
else one of our listeners one of our lovely listeners today could post
hello tech pros on read it and then all the reddit folks can just flamey and
trash me up and then I’ll be like yeah I made it I’m getting hate mail from ready
that’s pretty cool
that’s an interesting designation for success I think maybe this the organic
that you haven’t going should just be alright stay the course because when i
was thinking it you know i haven’t had lunch together last time you came
through town i think one of the times you can go to town
yep and we talked about your podcast yes I tried to give you the best feedback
and I knew to give and you know i think it’s it’s going really well from my
thank you appreciate that i didn’t i did not pay Steven to say that like I didn’t
buy his lunch and be like ok when you come on the show you guys a good things
about the original I paid for my lunch down because your time casters I’m a
Terran alone jerk that’s a hate so yeah it’s free for those people that are
having trouble getting through you about my trip the podcast i have like six or
seven that I’m I’m all-in on a probably i don’t think i’ve listened to the radio
in my car in five years and you know in car comes with a radio that
and I haven’t listened to it because that’s part of on you know we’re going
to talk about the unplugged but that’s part of my being unplugged as i unplug
my mind right and some people do that in different ways but the way I do it is I
listen to people who have something to say and that I could learn from and so I
i really enjoy all your guests that you have a wide variety of them you cover
good topics but man it is a lot of content seven days a week you know
thinking through the podcast so my secret weapon is I listen to everything
at 2x and you know some people laugh and it takes a little bit of getting used to
but once you get used to it
everything sounds slow when you’re listening to it at regular speed and I’m
talking to just about podcast because obviously you can’t have a 2x
conversation in real life if we tried that right now it would be really
bizarre and then the poor people who are listening at 2x then they couldn’t
listen to X because we’d be talking so fast but that that is my secret weapon
listening to podcast yeah that’s funny because I had a skype conversation with
an audience member who joined my slack channel so if you haven’t already go to
hello / slack to join that slack channel and then you can talk
all kinds of smack to me and and Steven and some of the other guests and and
some of the other audience members but he was having a question about career
stuff and and whatnot in so I said you know what dude let’s let’s get on a call
and just talk about it and so as we started talking about 10 minutes into
the conversation goes you know what you talk old you speak much slower in real
life than you do on the podcast I said oh really I guess you know when I get on
my fellow tech pros this is Chad boxing I’m excited that you know my motivation
Monday kind of intro thing I guess it can be a little bit more high energy and
and you know you know what I’m actually I always listen you at 2x speed
okay well that would do it too yeah that’s that’s my experience too so you
this is a great segue great transition Steven into Sunday being unplugged
right and you kind of hinted up
about it that you like to unplug and so what I ask all the guests every sunday
is you know I need this day of the week or at least this thought of this day of
the week regardless of if when I was in the 925 and you and I work together it
two or three different companies over the course of eight hundred and
something years or close to 800 years and now as a podcaster right at what I
need this time to unplug from the work i need to unplug from technology and I
need to just like chill out and and reset my mind and just focus on my my
friends and my family and my hobbies & and my health and the things that make
me right
other than technology and work so what does being unplugged mean to you
so it’s funny because unplugged isn’t necessarily to me know technology
however i have started to incorporate that into my unplugged so for me it’s
unplugged is to disengage yourself from the routines of what it is that you’re
doing on the the workspace or the career space for the how do I take care of my
family space and rolling that over into more of a how do I become the person
that I want to become how do i turn into the person that when I close my eyes and
I think of myself and generally speaking we think of ourselves and all the
positives of all the good intentions we have how do I turn myself into that
person and I am I on track for that you know it was many years ago i’ve actually
going back all the way to when you and I met
I’ve had this this almost two-year cycle of gain weight lose weight and you know
I’ve never really then really big but i never seem to get into a pattern that
work for me and so you know those are the ones that the kinds of things that
I’m like you know I really want to be in shape that I didn’t have the disciplines
in place so you know the part of the maturing on what it is you do
whatever you have to really make some decisions because you know we like one
of the things I hear a lot of people say well i gotta i gotta make time for this
or you know I just haven’t made time for that was like and it’s so cliche and
almost hate to say it because it’s cliche and I know you’ve heard it before
but there is no making time everybody has the same amount of time meaning r800
year IT friendship
it was the time that we had that we were at the same place and we enjoy the same
things and you know we we spend time together in that way but you know
everyone else had the same exact amount of time so you have to take time you
have to be really intentional and so if you’re going to unplug you need to find
the things in it that maybe a journey as well because I’ve had to journey through
that process also i’m definitely not there because it’s a journey so you take
time you say this is the thing I won’t want to commit myself to now when it
comes to like careers when thinking about it at work because we work some
places and I know everyone on with these tech podcast of workplaces where you get
to work really hard for a period of time hopefully it was a short period that it
could have been long and I call that surging up you have to search up
sometimes to achieve the goal to to finish a project to make a client happy
when things have gone wrong
you know those are things you have to do you have to search up but man you need
that surge downtime to you need to be able to step back and go okay time to
catch my breath because you just can’t go all out all the time i guess a good
example of that i was watching Michael Phelps when olympics and he had like 30
minutes between swims we had to win gold and then he had to complete a semifinal
and you could just tell he was sat and you know even Michael Phelps as great as
he is he needs that downtime for the rest and recovery so that he can perform
at 20 plus Olympic gold
he wrote that dude is in the swimming pool so we are easy crazy amount of
productivity talk about productivity tuesday that did just like cranking it
oh my goodness yeah I tweeted out that Michael Phelps is an alchemist it turns
things into gold
nice it’s crazy
so Steven this this concept of surging up and surging down to achieve the goal
you know when we are surging up sometimes the goal like the kind of
talked about it ok your particular goal was to get in shape and stay in shape
right but there was this lack of discipline or just lack of turning
turning the exercise into a habit turning the good eating into a habit
right but you’re you’re surging of the the things that you talked about surging
up where work-related right and many times those are not by choice
those are because the boss tells us too because the company needs it because of
the client is having a meltdown you know and they need that zero to hero person
to come in and save the day and get it all done over the weekend and we we have
these goals for our future self like you said we close our eyes and we put
yourself what we want to be in the future and we want to be that but we
have to do some other things so how do you find balance between you know
surging up on the things that you want to search up for and spend time
committing time making time prioritizing time in order to get to the goals that
you want to do but then also at the same time we’re constantly having to search
up because of whatever else because of other people’s priorities part of that
is your gut feel right your-your-your that vision of who you want to be and
what identity you want to have and what how you want people to view is part of
what is going to drive that so for those people that want to be financially
successful they’re going to make other sacrifices in their life in order to
achieve that
those that want to be friendship successful they’re going to have to make
some sacrifices in order to do that and you know if you’re willing to commit to
those choices for yourself then then that is how you decide what to spend
your time on you know when i’m in those search up . i kinda go okay what is it
in my life I’m gonna have to lay down sometimes it’s sleep and you can’t go
without sleep forever so you say well you know for this period of time i’m
going to be really tired and you may have to negotiate that with your family
members or friends that you know whatever your your community is that
you’re locked in like you say you know for this period of time it’s gonna be a
bit nuts and let it what this will do for us as this will achieve this goal
where I think people get into trouble is they don’t understand what the end
result is they’re looking for now
work is always going to be as much as they can get from you for whatever they
can pay you
that’s that’s the negotiation that everyone goes into in work like I want
to get this you know the company has a need and the need is I need someone to
run my systems or I mean someone to be on the phone I need someone to make my
clients happy
that’s their need and you are offering to fill that needs and welcome i’m going
to do that but in order for me to do that
this is what I expect from you I expect a salary of X and so there’s your
negotiation well then what what I’ve seen happen is people will try to
overachieve in order to get to the next level or get promotion and you’re
learning skills or whatever and so then they’ll start adding more to themselves
which they think makes them more valuable but they haven’t they haven’t
found that balance again of this is what we agreed we do and this is what i’m
going to do for that
submit you see that a lot on IT people and particularly salaried IT people as
well just some of them will just work themselves with that and we’ll just keep
going keep going keep going until they burn out you need you
these guys who are doing that they really need to understand like how much
is your time worth how much as your work and once you get to 40 hours every
minute you work after that you’re actually reducing your salary
yeah yeah so what what exactly is important to you I’ll of hard work right
I love being very productive i love contributing to a team and building
something bigger than just myself but I also know that the bottom line for if
I’m working for an organization if I’m working for a company or if I’m
consulting for somebody else working for client that exactly what you said like
they they’re looking out for their bottom line and they may like you as an
individual but they’re not there to put to completely protect your best interest
meaning your family and your health in in everything that is your personal
they’re there to get their priorities which is I in in many organizations it
is make a ton of profit for the shareholders of the company and
whichever way that we can do that outside of breaking the law
we’re going to do that so that means ask for more work from fewer people and ask
you to put in more hours and in some people depending on what phase of life
there in and what kind of headspace they’re in they’re gonna say yeah I’ll
do it I’ll do it I’ll do out of it and and and that’s ok that’s cool that’s
great you know i love that people want to step up and want to take on a
challenge and contribute to that but you’re right you can give too much of
yourself and just take the salary stuff for aside for a minute if if salary is
your thing if you’re if you want to optimize for money then you’re taking a
risk on degrading your income level by putting in more and more hours like you
said your hourly rate is now going down because you’re putting in all this
unpaid overtime with the hopes of i’m going to get that bonus at the end of
the year or I’m gonna get that promotion which is going to put me at the at the
next pay scale level right and so you’re you’re kind of wagering
you’re wasting your time in the hopes that you’re gonna get paid off with it
with a bigger salary later but at the same time that time that you’re
investing is is time that you can now not invest in something else that you
also want to prioritize like your family or your friendships or your health or
whatever else is going on because you’re putting it
you’re invested into this company or into this job exactly so cool man so
what do we do about it slow
hey let’s let’s do this so we talk about searching up let’s talk about surging
down arm but first let’s take a quick break and thank our sponsors this
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ok we’re back with Steven Judd 23-year IT professional and close to 800 your
personal friend of mine and and colleague of mine we worked together at
a number of different organizations i think if people compared our linkedin
profiles and be like wow like either Chad’s talking Steven Steven stop
stalking chatter or something because uh we we’ve been together for so long it’s
so many different places but that’s another conversation from the other day
see what we’ve been talking about how you surged up to achieve a goal right so
you put in a ton of effort you like focus you prioritize on it you gotta get
into that mindset where you’re like stretching out like warming up and just
going full steam ahead to accomplish whatever goal that you’re going to
accomplish but then at some point we have to search down as you call it to
take time out to catch our breath to relax to unwind to just just get our
energy level back as well as to reprioritize on the next goal so how do
you go about doing that
so what I do what I found for me at least at this point is I i do long runs
and i found that long runs for me allows me to clear my mind and get some clarity
that that I haven’t found doing other things used to be in team sports and you
know on the audio podcast you can’t tell that i’m not a very tall person and i’m
not very big person
alright so I in team sports
they’re all designed around people that are have an overwhelming sighs and not
having that i kept getting hurt by those guys who did have overwhelming size but
i enjoyed the sports because i have fairly good hand-eye coordination and
and and i have an ability to determine patterns on the fly
it’s just one of those on i.t superpower things that I have and so you know I can
tell when people are moving around where the angles are which when you’re playing
that’s a really good skill to have yeah you know I’m in college I I got second
up to twice and a table tennis tournament there was one guy just
couldn’t seem to be and I got first in a builder’s tournament and so my my
hand/eye coordination is really good so I was always drawn in sports
so after a broken hand separated shoulder I dislocated elbow to ACL
terrors and torn cartilage in the knee not to mention the numerous bold ankles
cham thumbs whatever I said you know I’m getting her i gotta find some type of
thing to do because you know I’m just not into pain for a t-shirt because when
I want tore my ACL the first time playing indoor soccer and our particular
team was pretty good and I got a t-shirt
actually we got second so i got a runner-up t-shirt and like you know I i
wanted to iron onto the back of the shirt you know one of those stencils
that said tore my ACL and all I got was this lousy t-shirt right now like how
that was not what I was looking for and that that whole process set me back like
a year and a half and in just being able to do things normally and so you know
then I’m wearing a knee brace anytime i’m trying to do sports again after that
and finally worked my way off the knee brace and then I tore my ACL play in
another ACL playing basketball
this is 2008 it’s like okay I’m done as a kid and you know the whole time
wow you know after I got married in $MONTH 2001 the whole time doing these
sports things and intramurals my life’s going you know you’re going to all this
you know you’re getting too old for that you know you’re getting too old for this
I’m like you have a button around somewhere that you pushed when whenever
I come in that you could just you know have that phrase play
do with the equivalent you know the late thirties male equivalent of the easy
button you know it’s coming in press it you are going to open a scan tool so
you’re not stretching enough
yeah so after that last ACL tear i was like gosh
so what do i do do i fix it because strangely enough you can live without an
ACL well and it’s not required unless you’re doing cutting sports because then
you need the stability of the knee and so I’m like all right what sports do i
play see like soccer cuttings basketball practice more tennis cuttings for yeah i
think i might have to make some changes so from 2008-2010 i basically did
nothing except eat and gain weight and so will go on a family vacation had a
great time
come back i look at the pictures and I go hm
and they short bald white fat guy
there’s only one of those that I can really do anything about
so I guess I better get going and so it’s like I have I got to get some kind
of exercise so i started doing i started doing treadmill and swimming and I did
the treadmill just out of you know what am I going to do but my knees really
hurt from doing the treadmill initially it was because I way too much
there’s too much pounds per square inch going on to the knee joint so once I
started swimming and oh by the way I’m up you have to say and I started eating
right if you don’t have your nutrition all the rest of it is just a waste of
time because we can’t outrun a fork so you know that you get at the nutrition
going then I started getting the weight coming down once the weight got to a
certain level then I could get back to do its light jobs then whatever and so I
started losing weight that I started feeling better
okay here we go so dinner 2011 I get into one of those crazy late loss
set work and I’m like maybe this will be fun pay my money and have a contest have
a goal and it was a 16-week contest and 12 weeks into it i get my goal weight
nice i’m like well it’s nice but there’s a problem with hitting your goal weight
with four weeks to go
mm what do you do next no what do you do for the next four weeks
do you plateau or do you keep go under or what do you do exactly and I have
kind of plateaued only lost one pound in the previous three weeks when i hit my
goal weight and so I’m like well looks like the contest is over so now i gotta
find some way to motivate myself for the next four weeks to not go back to the
buffet or not to give up on this contest or whatever so I like i know i usually
run 5k on the treadmill I just stepped up almost all of them have a 5k buying
just press 5k and start running and Lana on the sign up for a 10k and be twice as
far as I’ve ever run this is gonna be sweet and in Oklahoma City where I was
we have the Oklahoma City memorial marathon events for the Murrah and if
basically funds the operation of the Murrah memorial there in oklahoma city
where the murder of building bombing now happened so I’m like I’m sign up for
that it’s going to be grown and so this is the day before the the her company
would not have fun this am saying this wrong we say that again our company pays
for it because we’re the primary sponsor of that marathon and it’s the day before
they won’t pay any more and me being somewhat of an IT cheapskate as well I’m
like you know I gotta get signed up because this is the last day and of
course i had that thought in the afternoon like a house ina i’ll do it
tonight so get online and you’re like a sign up for the 10k this is gonna be
great for weeks to prepare is spectacular and like one mile fun run
nope don’t want to do that 5k family-run
and 5k no don’t want to do that a half-marathon full marathon
where’s the 10k where’s the 10k what happened there yeah there is no 10k
whether it’s 15 half full and I’m sitting there looking at that and I’m
like well how bad could it be
so anyone who’s listen to your podcast know that you just signed up for a
marathon this year
yep and now when you’re thinking how bad can it be
oh and you only have we only have four weeks to Train
oh it can be pretty bad this this is not sound like a surging down conversation
this isn’t this a name like it another surging up one area so i actually have a
problem with surging down i’m not very good at it but what I am i’m good at
setting goals and trying to achieve them
so I’m gonna get into the house a certain managed to turn this into a
surge down
ok cool so I sign up I got four weeks ago I start running unlike any shoes
because i didn’t even have running shoes I just had my regular old tennis shoes
so I go buy some running shoes get the inserts thinking I’m you know doing the
right thing went to the store to help me out and I started having any pain when I
started running longer distances and I you know I downloaded a schedule like
where should I be in this schedule it’s like a 12-week schedule and I look and
I’m eight weeks behind on my 12-week schedule and what I now know at this
point is yeah you’re supposed to be at your peak in those 12 are eight weeks
and then you start thinking about what your taper is going to be so again you
have to rest in order to be able to perform and in those that’s the thing
that you’ve got to learn about yourself and about your work and your pleasure
activities and whatever is you have to rest in order to perform right so if
you’re always on surged up
never going to perform as well as if you search down and then you’re ready so I
go run the half marathon
it was extremely painful because i had ITB inflammation which is that long
ligament that runs down the outside of your knees
yeah and so I finished them i got two miles six and I stopped I was stopping
at the water breaks so i can get something to drink and just kind of you
know walk through them to settle down and after this the morning I’ll six it
was so painful
it felt like I had glass in my knees and I’m like I can’t I can’t stop again
because if i stopped again I’m not going to be able to get going again right so i
ran the next you know 7.1 miles without stopping just running through on the the
rest areas where water areas and i finished and I was like while that was
really hard so it then took me it was only like four blocks to where my car
was part it took me a half an hour to walk the four blocks in my car because i
couldn’t step more than 12 inches at a time and you would think that after that
experience a wise person would go running long distance is not for you
however I’m not that person not that was birds i’m i’m i’m the person who says
that was really hard and I must have done it wrong and I had so then I
actually bothered to learn and so this is this is what I do is I learned the
techniques so i will look at how I’m running I go look at my shoes i read
articles i’m like oh ok i was over-striding my shoes were adjusted
wrong I hadn’t worked into it you gotta do this you gotta do that here’s some
structures you can do and i basically retrained myself how to run and after
that then i go to another half marathon in around Thanksgiving time same year
and I run the 13.1 with no pain and I i made my pace and I had a great time and
so now what I do is since then I’ve completed another half-marathon that was
a timed event and seven full marathons and the last thing that I did the last
achievement run that i did was i did the dopey challenge this year at disney
world and that’s where you run a 5k a 10k a half marathon and a full marathon
on thursday friday saturday sunday and after that was like you know I think I
really do enjoy this time and the thing that I enjoy the most about it is it’s
sort of a social sport but I can’t really talk when I’m running because no
one moves if you’re saying pace and that’s that’s the challenge of running
is it’s not very social if you’re if you’re doing cycling you can all bunched
together and you can kind of talk and you know especially on downhill parts
we’re not really having to crank away at it but i’m running if you want to rest
you’re not moving and so that’s incredible
anti goal of getting to the finish line so so what I do is I put on my
headphones or I don’t put on headphones I don’t put on anything and I just start
running and I let my mind do what a lot of people like to do in the shower
you know it’s just think about how your day is gone or think about things you
want to do whatever I just turned my mind loops and go let’s just think about
whatever you want to think about now even though i turn my mind loose you
gotta pay attention to because if you start thinking about negative things
then the odd part about that is you will slow down and you tend to get injured
and privately
I don’t know exactly what it is about that but you can tell when you’re having
a bad day and you’re you’re fuming in your mind over something and you go for
a run that you’re more tired at the end of it you’re more likely to be sore and
you run slower than your standard pace so
what did not know that yeah so whenever I’m on these long runs and I find myself
cycling over to something negative
I’m like okay let’s solve this problem in my head
let’s put together an action plan for how you can do it if there is no
solution for it then let that sucker go because what are you thinking about if
you already know there’s no solution for you know like the guy that cut you off
on the highway whatever and you know you like you know if i was there i’d get
that guy you don’t know that guy and you’ll never see that guy again in your
life and he may have just made a mistake and accidentally cut you off
so since you have no control over let that junk go and get back to thinking
about how awesome your run is and how green the grass is that you’re running
by and how blue the sky is that you’re running under and how you’ve got a goal
for the dopey challenge coming up and you’re right on track and everything’s
going well and this is awesome and if it’s not find some way to get all of
those things that you’re on 24 into that one man i love that because it is a it’s
a mental exercise running is not physical
I mean there there’s a physical component to it but for me once I
actually you were my mentor and I followed you and I talked about you on
prior episodes of the podcast but I didn’t even give you a shout out because
I didn’t know if you’re comfortable with that but i’ll tell you now you’re my
mentor and I saw you the first time you came back from disney and you were
wearing your medals to work and you’re so proud and we were all so proud of for
you and we were like wow dating Steven how did you do this I mean I knew that
you had gone through these surgeries right i have i have played soccer with
you I have been there when you’ve got injured is like how is this dude going
26.2 miles when he’s got like like literally things cut out of his body
under no longer supporting his knees anymore
how is that possible how did you do it and so I you know I talk to you about it
you know we celebrated it we laughed about it and in you gave me some good
advice back then not just to me but just a whole group of people that we were all
friends with and then when it came to last year so 2015 i had moved across
country and I was not with my soccer bodies anymore and the the training the
running schedule for me here in Central Florida is completely different just
because of the humidity is like off-the-charts it’s hot even in the
winter I mean it’s you know it’s just this different and I’m not need not used
to it and it has totally been a mental game of breaking those mental barriers
like I have never ever gotten past four miles in my life until this last year
and I mean I played soccer every week you know I was in fairly good shape most
of my life you know as far as a you know being able to run and sprint and cut and
stuff like that but there was a mental barrier of just like I can do three and
uncomfortable with that but like right after 3i just crashed and i have like no
energy left i have no stamina
I’m dead my legs are out my lungs are tired I just can’t do it and that I
can’t do it held me back from so much in work and in life and running and once I
got past that mental barrier and the reason i got the way I got past the past
that mental barrier was kinda like you had where I tried to sign up for the
disney marathon because I was like okay I need a goal arm i’m not gonna sign up
for the marathon but i think between like july or august when I started
training in January when the disney run is I can train up for a half marathon
and even if i have to do the run/walk method where you know I run for a couple
miles and then walk for miles and run for a couple even if i have to do that i
can do it and so I tried to sign up for the disney marathon they were all sold
out of all the the shorter events the 5k that 10k the half-marathon were all
completely sold out in there was only the marathon now I could have done more
research and be like you know what Florida has a huge running community and
there are marathons and half marathons in case in five days like literally
every weekend somewhere in Florida you know
during the the fallen in and winter and spring season there’s constantly runs
going on but I had my mind set on disney and I knew right then I had the website
open if i click close on the browser and I don’t sign up for this and I’m not
gonna sign up for anything i’m not going to do it and I’m just going to sit here
in the state of never knowing or Never pushing myself for never giving myself
the opportunity to try to push myself and so that was a mental barrier at how
to overcome of just you know what I’m just going to register for the full and
it’s kind of a waste of money to pay for the full and only trained for the half
but i’m going to do that and then if i can make it to the halfway point at
disney that will be my success i will have achieved my goal and i’ll be here
like registered for the full marathon but I’ll you know I’ll my goal is really
completely half well you know long story short I actually in my training schedule
once I broke six miles and I was like holy cow i didn’t die
that’s amazing six miles is two miles longer than my best best run ever ever
in my life and it’s twice as long as I really ever normally run Wade net what’s
next week and next week was eight and then the week after that was 10 and the
week after that was 11 and 12 and 13 and then all of sudden several months before
about two months before my full marathon run i was scheduled to run a 13-mile
like training day and I did it and so I had accomplished my goal like two months
early just because I set a goal past what I thought I was capable of doing
but it was all completely mental of letting go of those preconceived notions
of this is all I’m capable of hitting this is this is far as i can get in life
for this is as far as i can get physically with my legs i actually found
out that i can do so much more than that if I just like forget all what has
happened in the past and just set an aggressive goal and like you said I
loved what you said let the junk go just let get the junk out of your mind and
just focus on your goal
yeah I kind of gave myself because i was starting into it and gave myself a
little phrase which was gold
set goal met and you know i would set a goal and then be like our and oh there’s
a lot more to that than just setting some goal and because you know it’s the
whole is your goal actually achievable can you do it’s the US Marshals all that
you you learn about business so for anyone who’s listening who and may have
never heard that the SMART goal I don’t have a URL or anything and I don’t even
remember that it’s gotta be you know specific and measurable and achievable
and what is our oh no a realistic realistic and time-bound time that
ok so you know use that when you’re setting your goal but do set your goal
you know you set a goal I set a goal and then you’ve set your plan to get to set
goal and the plan actually helps you when we were talking a lot about
surcharge on the plan will help you in your search down because plan for it
inch in marathon training there is the taper everyone know it was a runner
knows about the taper and it’s so are you in the taper you know it’s getting
close to the run have you started tapering because you need to rest and
that’s in the plan so you say goal set i’m going to do a half marathon and so
then you get your plan and you start working and get your clothes and you
learn what works and what doesn’t and the first time you do it like the first
brought Iran was the the disney marathon in $MONTH 2013 as the first marathon
Iran that is and my family came with me and we stayed at one of the resorts and
that the course actually runs right by so that all they have to do is come out
and watch me go by problem with that was that it was at the 24 and a half mile .
and when I got up to do that run you have to get up at like three o’clock in
the morning to do disney runs and and such because they haven’t so early
because like you said in the winter even though it’s winter it’s kind of hot
so it’s 60 60 61 degrees at four o’clock in the morning and disney and I can see
my breath and you know in Florida that’s probably a normal thing but to me i’m
going oh that looks like a problem and because it was so humid and you’ve got
up to be almost 90 that day in you know the second weekend in january in Florida
is almost 90 and so people were falling out and just basically melting and this
is my first marathon and i did the same thing so when i come by my family at 24
miles 24 and a half miles
they’re like you were not in good shape you can barely hold a sentence together
that’s because of the you know the exhaustion and dehydration whatever so
compare that to this year when I didn’t marathon and you know this is the
marathon after doing the half the 10k and 5k and are the last three miles I
random faster than all my previous mile splits in the run
wow it because the crowds and finally starting to open up and you know I had
some space and I was feeling good and I I really meter myself to make sure i
could finish and so my last order my last 5k was was I think it was 20 years
6 or 27 minutes for the 5k split after renal running all those other miles and
you know I finished and it felt great and all that but you don’t get to that
just by by being there immediately
you have to have a goal you set your goals and then you get after it by
having a decent . and you know it doesn’t have to be running you know
that’s are you know
welcome to sunday unplugged it doesn’t have to be running and
everybody who’s like really into outdoor camping and such like that another guy
who’s he does the fishing some guys you cite thank you notes is whatever it is
that you want to get into you know have a goal for that set your goal and then
get your plan together so that you can meet your goal and then you meet its
celebrate the fact that you met your goal you know that was that was the nice
thing about coming back to work within that old saying yeah yeah you know
celebrate with me because we did this and you know doing the same thing for
other people when they meet their goals it’s really helpful not only to them but
also to you because you say you know if Steven can run that then I can run that
you know if so-and-so can achieve this in their career than I think I can do it
and so you start to get kind of a mentorship and you start to read and
learn and do studies and experiment and just see what comes of it
awesome great stuff well Steven just like every other conversation that we’ve
had over the last 800 years we have gone over time because it’s just too much fun
so we’re gonna have to wrap this one up but before we go
as always please share your final words of wisdom for the audience the best way
that we can connect with you and then we’ll say goodbye my final words of
wisdom is get your goal set your goal and then start working toward achieving
don’t pay attention to the negatives toss out of those negative thoughts out
make sure you rest and then celebrate your goal when you’ve achieved it the
best way to get in touch with me is probably through link on linkedin but i
prefer Twitter and imax steveandjenna on Twitter awesome we’ll have those both
linked up in the show notes page for this episode
Steven thank you so much for joining me on hello tech pros today I really value
this conversation but you know what dude I value the years of friendship that
we’ve had together for a long time i mean it i mean we do go back to nineteen
ninety something I don’t remember what year but it was nineteen ninety
something and that’s a long
I’m and we worked a lot of different companies and we have both had a lot of
ups and a lot of downs both in our careers as well as you know just life
dramas that happen at home and family and stuff like that and one of the
consistent things has always been
Steven is there and he’s my friend and we’ll get through this stuff together so
i just want to say I really appreciate you being in my life you know for all
these years and and be my friend and and and thanks appreciate it absolutely can
get on my side as well
cool tech pros if you are not feeling like you’re able to get unplugged
because of the other stuff that’s in the way you nobody else is going to
prioritize you except for you right if you’re very very lucky you will have a
spouse or or a life partner or a best friend that can be like dude or chick or
whoever you are you need to like take some time off and and do this fun stuff
right because you’re going too hard and sometimes even on your personal goals
you can go too hard you need to factor in that taper down time in order to give
yourself that rest and recovery otherwise you’re gonna burn out your
muscles you’re going to burn out your mind you’re going to burn out your heart
instead of like pacing yourself it’s all about setting those goals that you want
to accomplish that will make you a better you but then pacing yourself at
the appropriate times to give yourself that recovery . so that you can reflect
on is the goal still appropriate and if so yeah then what’s the next way that I
can accomplish it
you’ve been listening to Steven Judd and I’m Chad Bostick and until next time take
care the show notes page for this episode can be found at hello tech / 140 do you use slack for team communication join the hello techno /
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