Why Code for Someone Else? Launch Your Own Business

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What our students are saying about this course

I like where Chad’s coming from on this. A lot of what he put out echoed massively about what I’ve been messing about for years doing too. All the ideas, buying domains, and make half-arse attempts at them until I get bored.
I’m a lot more focused at the moment that I have been in a long while. With the podcast and my other venture.
I owe a lot of that to Chad Bostick and his Start Your First Business course.
James Studdart

Host, CynicalDeveloper.com

Start Your First Business is a free 7 day email and audio course for technical professionals to help launch your first business. Each module in this course is designed to help you overcome a major barrier in your first startup.


Here’s what you’re going to get out of the course.


  • Where to find your ideal business.
  • How to balance your career, your side hustle and your personal life.
  • When to bring on help in your startup.
  • The technology stacks your business needs that you probably aren’t thinking of.
  • How to find your first customers.
  • Where to go for awesome free marketing channels.
  • How to ensure that your own business won’t just become another job.



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