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Would you love it or hate it if your boss said to turn off email and messenger programs all day? Stacy Eads believes that by only checking emails 3 times a day instead of constantly being distracted by  alerts, you can significantly increase productivity. Since implementing this policy, her team at Levant Technologies has increased the number of websites they’ve produce by 600%.

Stacy Eads is the CEO of Levant Technologies. They’ve been voted the #1 Oklahoma Web Design company in the metro for the last 4 years in a row. After 13 years in business, Stacy helps Levant’s team manage hundreds of website and mobile clients throughout our state. Mrs. Eads has won 4 executive leadership awards under the age of 40 from local newspapers and magazines.


Key Takeaways

  • Customers are stressing about their business, not your technology – solve their problems quickly
  • Environments where everyone is constantly bombarded with chat messages, emails and notifications are not as productive as areas where workers have uninterrupted work time
  • It takes 15 minutes to refocus after being distracted
  • There should be 6 hours a day where you won’t be distracted
  • We don’t want people to wait on us so we feel obligated to read and respond constantly
  • You can take email systems offline and still read, reply and draft new emails
  • Developers and designers WANT to work offline without distractions
  • Project managers and sales managers are the ones who resist the notion of working offline, they want immediate response for clients
  • We naturally have longer response times early in the morning, late at night and at lunch – during the work hours should be no different
  • Many project management and business books suggest going away from the culture of “instant gratification” and implementing communication windows
  • This process is most effective when everyone is implementing at the same time
  • Your team will thank you for letting them concentrate on their jobs while working offline
  • Levant Technologies has grown 600% in 5 years
  • With only 11 full-time project managers, developers and designers, Levant completed 100 web and mobile projects in one year
  • You’re doing really well if you can deliver a complete website to a client in 8-12 weeks, most of the time due to content creation
  • There is never an excuse to say “I don’t have that from the client, and it’s their fault”
  • The project manager’s job is to proactively contact client in a variety of different communication methods and asking for something small
  • Break it down into bite-sized pieces week to week
  • The goal is for every project to not have a lull
  • Surprise your team with something special after accomplishing a huge milestone
  • It is difficult to migrate a website from one platform or tech stack to another, so the goal is to “get it right” from the start

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