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Hello Tech Pros is a new show launched April 2016, featured in Apple’s New & Noteworthy and currently records over 10,000 unique downloads monthly.


We are targeting technology professionals (IT, software or internet) and tech-savvy business professionals who want to grow their career or their business.


There are over 3 million IT professionals in the U.S. alone and roughly 15 million worldwide. Every week, Hello Tech Pros grabs the attention of more and more of this demographic.


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We love hearing from new listeners.






And we love knowing that our values align to those of our sponsors, guests and audience members.






Our guests are the real MVP and provide a ton of value to the audience.






Even though we are tech pros, sometimes we talk about stuff that comes from the heart and evokes real human emotions.






And when we promote a product that we love, our listeners love us back.



The folks who help us bring you amazing content 7-days a week.


Minio Cloud Storage


Minio is an object storage server build for cloud application developers and devops written in the Go programming language, designed to be highly concurrent and lightweight.

I talked with AB Periasamy, one of the founders of Minio on Episode 89 about the importance of community support and recruiting software developers who are as passionate of their code as artists are of their art. Listen to Episode 89.


Levant Technologies


Levant Technologies was voted Oklahoma’s #1 Website Design Services company for the last 4 years in a row. Their expert team of full-time professionals offer technology services to customers throughout the U.S., including website design, mobile sites, iPhone apps, databases, SEO and more.


I have worked with many of the team members at Levant and I can personally vouch for their professionalism and expertise. I interviewed Levant’s CEO Stacy Eads on Episode 51 about the productivity hack that has growth their business by 600%. Many web projects take months to complete, but Levant’s tools, technology and process means they can deliver most websites in just a few weeks. Stacy runs a “no excuses” policy for following up with clients. Every client gets contacted by a Levant employee every single week. Listen to Episode 51.


Transource Media


When I first started this podcast, I edited all the episodes myself. I found out two things very quickly: I would never be a world-class audio engineer and that’s one task I’d happily outsource to the right team.

Luckily, I found Transource Media. Rally Vargas and his team have helped me tremendously every week since Episode 22. They are always on time, never miss a beat and keep the show sounding sharp.

I can’t tell you how much positive feedback I’ve gotten about the “production quality” of Hello Tech Pros. I owe it all to Transource Media.




I use ConvertKit to manage my email list. If you want to do business online you MUST have an email list manager.

I started with the free tier from MailChimp, but quickly decided to upgrade to ConvertKit because of the way it handle’s emails. Most mail list services require you to manage a unique list for every cohort (or collection) of people you want to communicate with. For instance, if you have subscribers and customers, those would need to be two different lists. ConvertKit solves this data-duplication problem by using tags. Each email in your list can be tagged multiple times. For instance: “subscriber”, “downloaded-giveaway” and “purchased-product”.

ConvertKit allows me to track my relationship with a lead as they engage with different links on my site and emails. On a person-by-person basis, I know what they like and what they don’t like, and can build content specifically for them.


Acuity Scheduling


Acuity Scheduling provides the calendar / scheduler I use to schedule all of the phone calls and podcast sessions with each of my guests. Other than my podcast media host and email, this is the most critical tool I have in my toolbox.

There are several great things about Acuity Scheduler that I love. The first is that it syncs with Gmail calendar so if I add something to my personal schedule like a lunch meeting, Acuity Scheduler automatically knows to block out that time period so that guests can’t double-book me.

The other must-have feature is the custom forms that Acuity Scheduler allows me to build for each type of appointment. This way I can capture everything I need to know about a guest prior to the interview.




Audible audiobooks are amazing! I got my subscription for the commute back and forth to work after running out of my favorite podcast episodes and then upgraded my subscription when I started long distance running. I get lost in the action and adventure and find myself going the distance just to get to the end of the next chapter. Talk about Motivation Monday!

I’m a big fan of the Forgotten Realms series from R.A. Salvatore starring the drow elf ranger Drizzt Do’Urden. There are about 15 books in that series and I highly recommend starting with Homeland, Book 1 in the Dark Elf Trilogy. So good.


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Hello Tech Pros is published 3-days-a-week. Instead of weekly or monthly spikes in traffic, we generate buzz throughout the week and are constantly introducing new guests to our audience and new audience members to our sponsors.

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You’ll get a 30 to 60 second Mid-Roll spot around the 20 minute mark in the conversation. It’s a great time to shift gears and start getting actionable tips from the guest.


Our 64-bit Sponsors are featured on thirteen weeks of content, 3 episodes a week. You get the benefits of reaching a growing audience as well as having repeat exposure to our daily subscribers.


According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics study in 2012, Americans who work in computer or IT professions are paid well, many with benefits. The BLM reported that these occupations earned an average salary of $80,020 in 2012.


Let’s talk numbers.

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