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Simona Pop - Entrepreneurship

Simona Pop is a shareholder and head of partnerships & communication for a SaaS startup, InstaSupply. The company operates in the finance and procurement areas of B2B with the focus of changing the way we work through digitization and the removal of redundant manual processes. Simona’s goal is to bring B2B in line with B2C across technology and communication. Way too many people go to work and have to leave the efficiencies they know and love in their personal lives at the office door. It’s currently like 1999 but without Prince or a party!


Key Takeaways

  • Why are we leading dual lives of super techies in personal life and then vintage tech at work?
  • The core idea of entrepreneurship is “Let’s make things better.”
  • To remain competitve, businesses need to adapt.
    • There is no way to maintain the King of the Jungle status without changing.
  • Enterprise software feels like something frozen in time. The user experiences are not keeping up with what consumers demand.
    • Implementing new technology in the past was more of a Frankenstein effort of independent solutions and not a holistic solution where everything communicates together.
    • Users are logging in and out of 10 different solutions for 8 different tasks.
    • Administrators are spending all day Monday through Wednesday just doing the repetitive tasks.
  • Finance and operations are slow to change processes.
  • Millennials in the workplace accelerates the adoption of modern technology.
  • We need to have a transition tech in the workplace to bridge the gap between millennials and the X Gen and Baby Boomers.
  • We still have a great abundance of paper and spend time, money and resources driving trucks around delivering paper.
  • The network effect of Purchase to Pay is bringing together buyers and suppliers.
  • Think about working smarter and how that will affect your future plans.


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