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Scott Jancy has worn several hats over the course of his career: historian, architect, Naval Officer, planner, and most recently, as a consultant working globally on small and large scale infrastructure development projects. He works closely with leadership teams to help them set vision and strategy, create new sources of value, and adapt to continuous change.

Trained as an historian and an architect, Scott Jancy has a background that gives him an understanding of how systems evolve and the role that design can play in effecting cultural, economic, and social change. A systems thinker, he views every organization from the perspective of a system in balance.


Resources Mentioned



  • Minio Cloud Server – Written in Go for developers and devops.
  • Burdene – The bot that remembers where you parked your car.


Key Takeaways

  • Architecture is a systems discipline, about organizing people places and things that are greater than the individual pieces.
  • Setting a vision, establishing values and aligning the vision and values across all members of the team makes it easierto accomplish shared goals.
  • As a leader, leave execution alone and let the contributors get the work done the way they want.
    • Establish a feedback loop between workers and management.
    • The team will face problems and need to act dynamically without running to management.
  • Don’t be a jellyfish boss.
    • Instead of placing blame, accept responsibility.
    • Instead of deflecting concerns and passing the buck, take ownership of the situation.
    • Provide top-cover for the team and give them the freedom to make tactical decisions.
  • You’ve got to connect with your people.
    • Showing up on time, being professional and what you look like is important.
    • Give people space to solve problems but be there for them when they need help.
    • Help the team members get so connected to customer they start to think like the customer.
  • As new leader, do nothing, just listen. Be very receptive for a period of time before making changes.
  • You are a sparring partner for your team members. You’re not there to beat them up, you’re helping bring out the best in them.
  • The world is in need of a creative inclusive leadership to create dynamic solutions to different scenarios.


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