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Robin Smith is the co-founder and CEO of  WeGoLook. Her desire to bolster confidence in purchase decisions by online consumers led her to found WeGoLook, a crowd-sourced verification platform utilized across every industry, the “Uber of inspections.” She has an extensive background in sales beginning her career with the Washington Post in college, then advancing to regional and management positions in Missouri and Mississippi before returning to Oklahoma. Back in Oklahoma, Robin started her own consulting firm transitioning automotive dealership into internet sales. Her e-commerce experience and development of enterprise solutions combined with her early entry into the on demand economy, make her a unique voice in tech, crowdsourcing and the gig economy.


Key Takeaways

  • Entrepreneurship about working your own ideas into everyone’s lives
  • WeGoLook started after a realization of a gap in the marketplace
  • Create a “fake” website (minimum viable marketing) for potential customers and partners
  • The gig economy = is about temporary, distributed workers
  • Focus on SEO to drive inbound leads
  • Your platform should be dynamic enough to handle integrations with different partners
  • The marketing, support and scalability of your business is very different if you are B2C vs B2B
  • Just because you aren’t an expert at something, doesn’t mean you can’t do it
  • Entrepreneurship takes perseverance, it’s an evolution
  • Don’t listen to friends and family who don’t understand your passion and vision
  • Find someone to mentor and give back
  • Whatever is in your heart and in your gut — just do it
  • Take a step towards change and work towards
  • It’s not a failure, it’s a learning experience


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