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Radoslav Stankov has been doing software development since 2002, starting as PHP programer, but quickly moved around the tech stack. Rodoslav considers himself to be a full stack developer. Currently he’s working at ProductHunt, where he does iOS development in Objective-C / Swift, backend in Node and Rails and frontend in React / Redux. He believes that frontend and backend are equally important and a lot of problems can be avoided by working in collaboration.


This episode has been featured by ProductHunt. Join the conversation with Radoslav and I.

Key Takeaways

  • ProductHunt started as small mail list, hottest thing in tech today.
    • Place to discover your next favorite thing – podcast, text, books.
  • Not a single person knows everything, ask for help if you don’t know, there is no shame, but there is shame in not having respect for others.
  • Estimating projects can be off by far if you don’t understand the other tech stacks.
  • Strive to be equal partners with clients, they can explain why something not needed or need to be added, have weekly goals.
  • Everything that can be automated should be automated, just focus on what the code should be doing.
  • graphQL from Facebook is alternative to REST services + JSON and every client gets the same response
  • graphQL you pass in a template and get back the data you want
    • mobile app and chrome extensions use public API; website uses private API where things change contantly
    • defined like a database schema
  • People should not label themselves as a frontend or backend developer, they should be someone who solves problems on a team.

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