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Everyone wants to be a rockstar, in life and in business, right? Nicole Holland believes that everyone is a rockstar in their own right, they just need to find their hit song and get discovered. She’s been involved in entrepreneurship and coaching since a young age, but when she got serious about it, she rocked it!

Host of iTunes’ New & Noteworthy podcast, The Business Building Rockstars Show, Nicole Holland loves helping entrepreneurs build profitable online businesses that excite & inspire them through her private & group mentoring & coaching programs. Nicole believes there’s no “right” way to do anything unless it feels good to you.


Key Takeaways

  • Everyone wants to be a rockstar
  • Everyone IS a rockstar in their own way
  • We all deal with the same emotions: fear, love, disappointment, joy
  • Everyone who has success today came from a starting point and grew
  • How we define success needs to change – it’s not just about money
  • Entrepreneurship is state of mind – it’s not about the business it’s about the process
  • Entrepreneur mindset is more fluid, can follow one path but can shift gears and go down different path
  • There is value in getting clear on a niche, but have to be inspired
  • Things work out, you just have to be ready for the opportunities
  • If they are not a good fit, fire your clients
  • Be authentic, be yourself
  • Approach people out of a mindset of service

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