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Nick Rust has spent the majority of his professional career working Healthcare IT (10 years), with a particular emphasis in Health Care and Medical Device information security.


Key Takeaways

  • It’s common that most people don’t have experience in healthcare IT.
  • When medical devices first came out, it was an instrument, not a piece of information technology.
  • Radiology has more tech and devices than most other departments.
  • Biotech been around for decades, IT came in 1980s.
  • New biotech are computers integrated into the instruments.
    • The facilities and instruments are not good at network segmentation.
  • FDA recently said that the industry is far below standard.
  • The most basic security features are missing in many biotech areas.
    • No network whitelisting.
    • Running Windows XP.
  • Gaining network access to medical devices is an excellent way of escalating level of access across the network.
  • If you can gain control of one hospital in a network of 75 means you have a greater chance of gaining access to the other 74.
  • If you change how you practice medicine every 18 months, people are going to die. The practice can’t keep up with the development of enterprise and personal computing advancements.
  • Data security is the best growth area in healthcare IT.


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