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After a death in the family, finding out his grandfather had terminal cancer and a busted vacation, Nathan developed a sense of anger and resentment at life in general which manifested itself at work. After seeking the advice with a counselor and proactively having a discussion with his boss, Nathan was able to create a new role in the organization that fired him back up again.

Nathan Johns has more than twenty years of experience with an emphasis on Business Strategy and Product Management at large tech sector corporations like Creative Labs and Dell. He has managed eighteen product lines including designing go-to-market strategies, overseeing product transitions, and identifying opportunities to improve gross margin and unit growth. Nathan also has more than six years’ experience as a professional wedding and portrait photographer and regularly mentors others both personally and professionally.


Key Takeaways

  • Utilize counselors and find someone to offer encouragement
  • Compartmentalization is important
  • It takes time to build trust, provide a safe zone for people to open up
  • Understand what motivates you and OWN IT
  • Look for some aspect of life you do find motivating


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