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Mike Crandall is a Speaker, Consultant, Coach and Trainer focused on Proactive Business Growth. He is brought in by Business Owners and Executives to work on the Behaviors, Attitudes, Techniques, and Guts needed to be more Successful in Business Improvement, Sales Growth, and Employee Development. His firm specializes in helping identify the Blind Spots and Obstacles that are holding you back and then implementing Systems, Behaviors, and Guts to become more Successful. Clients ultimately develop new Habits that lead to Proactive Growth Professionally and Personally.


Key Takeaways

  • Everyone has different styles and beliefs and everyone has the potential to be a leader.
  • Some attitudes and styles just aren’t in your DNA.
  • “Leader” isnt a title. “Boss” is.
  • How do you want people to remember you in the future?
  • Your mind is playing “old tapes” recorded as a child. You need to analyze these memories and determine if they align to the outcome you are trying to achieve.
  • Take time to figure out what the message needs to be instead of talking from an emotional state.
  • Use pre-briefing and de-briefing meetings.
  • Leadership and sales is similar. It’s about influencing and getting buy-in. Your audience has to have confidence in you to embrace your idea.
  • The best leaders draw the best ideas out of everyone.
  • The only time you get promoted is when someone to buy your ideas, even if its your boss.
  • In leadership you wear 4 hats: supervisor, trainer, coach, mentor. The best leaders spend far more time coaching and mentoring others than supervising them.


Resources Mentioned



  • – Cloud storage written in Go with an awesome user community


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