Manage Software Development Projects and Personnel


Managing software development projects is difficult. Having the right process and tools is critical.

I’ve put together these resources to help you manage software development projects and set developers up for success.


Listen to the podcast series.


Download my cheatsheet.


Listen to the Podcast Episodes

My three part podcast series “Performance Reviews” will help you understand the 9 critical attributes that affect our Personal, Team and Business Performance.

Part One: Personal-Centric Attributes

The three personal-centric attributes are critical to gaining trust, respect and likability. Get them wrong and you will erode trust and may find yourself on a PIP or getting fired.


Part Two: Team-Centric Attributes

The three team-centric attributes describe how well you work and add value to others. It’s not just about getting along, it’s about making the job of the folks around us a little easier. Get these right and you’ll be put on more critical projects, have more input and increase demand for your services. Get them wrong and you’ll be left out of the loop on important discussions, shunted from high-priority projects and left with a dead-end (or no) job.


Part Three: Business-Centric Attributes

Focusing on the three business-centric attributes will lead to faster promotions, bigger bonuses and more opportunities. Failure to understand them will hinder your career and leave you blindsided to unexpected terminations.


What Developers REALLY Mean

Developers and non-developers miscommunicate on occassion. In this episode we discuss tips for getting clarity before conflict.

Download my Cheatsheet

The cheatsheet I use to measure my personal and my team’s performance, with examples on how to provide feedback.