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Maggie Georgopoulos is the Leading Global authority on career development for women in male dominated industries. She is the author of the upcoming book, Up the Ladder in a Skirt, which is hailed as the book for women in challenging roles globally.
A mechanical engineer who climbed to the top of the leadership ladder, Maggie was the executive chairman of a large agricultural company, responsible for the 75% increase in the retention of staff through career development pathways, by the age of 32.


Key Takeaways

  • Bad managers turn into bullies when they feel their job is threatened that an employee is after his job.
  • Managers do the day-to-day tasks. Leaders step out and think about how to help the team accomplish the goals.
  • Be open and watch how your interactions affect those around you.
    • Are you too busy to look to see how people react?
    • Are people pretending this is ok or are they genuinely fine?
  • How do you come across to people when you are busy and stressed?
    • Set office hours for visiting.
    • Let everyone know when there is a good time to follow up.
  • Follow through on your actions and promises.
  • When you are task-oriented, people can take that as unfriendly.
  • When people realize it is okay to talk then they became more open and honest.
  • People feet satisfied when leaders show they actually care.
  • Your mental health and the mental health of others is the most important thing in the office. Be aware.


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