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In middle school, Leon Fowler opened his first business: a bubblegum machine in a hair salon. Through the next few years he reinvested his profits into a three-tiered candy machine and then into a full-sized vending machine: in a competing middle school. Today he is preparing to launch Resume Righter, a service for gamifying the skills-documentation and resume writing process.

Leon Fowler II over the past 10 years has worked for a Fortune 100 company in web development as well as supporting vendor software in a System Analyst role. He has been an Entrepreneur since starting his first business at the age of 12. He is currently building his startup as the Founder and CEO of Resume Righter.


Key Takeaways

  • Invest in the entrepreneurship of young people – teach them the value of hard work, savings and business
  • Remembering your micro-accomplishments is difficult
  • The longer you wait to update your resumé, the more details you will forget
  • Successful businesses are based off of repeatable processes
  • Plan for a franchise, even if you don’t plan to franchise your business
  • Turn your passion into a recipe so that you can outsource and scale
  • Bootstrap and be as lean as possible as long as you can
  • When you give up equity, you are creating a new boss
  • At all costs, own the majority of your businessamazon

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