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Often, technical folks rely on the data and facts and algorithms and technical skill sets to further them in their career. Lauren Rutledge coaches her candidates that being able to show some emotional intelligence will never have to worry about a job. She sees many hiring managers that would much rather have mid-level skill set with great communication and attitude than a more experienced candidate that doesn’t play well with others.

Lauren Rutledge is a hungry, career minded professional that is motivated to grow herself & her team. Staffing Technology professionals has become a passion of hers and she appreciates the opportunity to work with some really great people everyday!


Key Takeaways

  • Have a deeper relationship with the people you work with besides just the work
  • Relate to people as people instead of a computer
  • Soft skills are more important than technical skills
  • Be responsible for your job search
  • Do your homework on the organization and company before you go into an interview
  • Do some breathing exercises when you’re stressed before an interview

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