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Laura Roeder began her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 22, when she quit a design job and decided to launch her first business. was created out of a need Laura had in her own business to more effectively manage social media – and so in 2014 Laura pivoted her business to dive into the SaaS world.

Since Edgar’s launch in June 2014, their remote team has grown to 18 people, they’ve hit more than $240,000 in monthly recurring revenue, AND they’ve bootstrapped the entire way. Edgar is now happily providing social solutions to more than 5,000 customers.




Key Takeaways

  • Keeping up with social media platform changes is like being on a hamster wheel.
  • It’s important to pick a direction and go with it but keep in mind there will be naturals ebbs and flows.
  • Social media is a constant flowing media channel. Less than 5% of your audience sees what you post, so you need to post often.
  • People put time and work in creating awesome content and social media posts, but end up only posting the content once.
  • Facebook changes their feed very frequently. Currently live video feeds are “hot” on Facebook, but that can change day-by-day.
  • You dont need to be in all places. Pick the right social media channel for your business topic and content.
    • Factor in which channel you like. If you spend time on one platform more than others, invest in it.
  • Establish yourself as a thought leader on your blog, then use social media to promote it.
  • Craft your content so that it aligns closely to what you’re selling.
    • Be as helpful as possible for free on social to attract the types of people who needs or wants your products and services.
    • Some followers will never buy from you but can still help your brand by promoting your content.
  • Use an automation tool like Edgar to post the content and spend your time actually interacting with the community.
  • start where you can, do a little bit, dont get too pressured


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Full Transcript with Laura Roeder – Masterful Social Media Strategies with MeetEdgar

hello tech pros episode 135
just starting can do a little bit i know social can be so overwhelming
welcome to the podcast where I checked with professionals who are getting the
job done using technology seven days a week each week we start with motivation
monday tuesday is about productivity Wednesday leadership Thursday technology
friday people in communication Saturday entrepreneurship and sunday being
alright let’s get started hello tech pros this is chad Bostick and I’m excited
to introduce our featured guest today Laura Roeder happy tuesday Laura-leigh
Chad happy tuesday great it’s awesome to have you are you prepared to be
I i hope that i’m sort of asking myself how productive visit to do this
interview but you know it’s gonna help from happening so freaking awesome
very good Laura Roeder began her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 22
when she quit a design job and decided to launch our first business meet edgert
com was created out of a needler ahead and our own business to more effectively
manage social media and so in 2014 Laura pivoted her business to dive into the
SAS world since Edgar’s launched in june 2014 the remote team has grown to 18
people they’ve hit more than 240 thousand dollars and monthly recurring
revenue and a bootstrapped the entire way
edgar is now happily providing social solutions to more than 5,000 customers
lawyer that’s an amazing story and you know what we’re gonna have to have you
back on an entrepreneurship Saturday some saturday in the future to talk
about that story of you know that I mean that’s an amazing process to go from
nothing and bootstrap it and go to 5,000 customers and 240,000 monthly recurring
revenue that’s a great story
yeah it’s been it’s been pretty fast right awesome
well today is productivity tuesday on hello tech pros and it’s all about you
know being the pacesetter and getting things done and making the most
effective use of our time but before we get started in that I just want a cup be
completely transparent to the audience and to You Lord because I don’t know if
you if you know or not but I’m actually one of your five thousand customers
yeah yeah so I am a big fan of paths Lana and I
heard your episode with him a while back and so eager was always in the back of
my mind of ok when i’m going to start my podcast when i started my blog when I do
my thing on my own i’m going to need a social media tool and so maybe
throughout the interview we can get into you know what I love about it but let’s
hear this story so Lord we always start with a personal story on productivity
tuesday which is a time in your life when you were really struggling with
productivity you know we want to get so much done but sometimes to just life
gets in the way you know things happen we’re just not at that sweet spot so can
you share us that story of a time when you were struggling with productivity
yeah you know we’re definitely comes to mind is any time where I feel like I
don’t have clarity on my direction so what I think of times in my life and
times of my business when I been the least productive it’s always this time
for I feel lost like I don’t know what’s next in particular i’m thinking of my
last business which is special media training business i decided i needed to
make some changes in my business was structured I had created a really
complicated business because I felt information product another one and
another one so you know get three or four years down the road and I had this
it was a very complicated business because i have a suite of a lot of
marketing systems dependent and I realize what I was too complex and I was
screen of the grout how to simplify you notice i want to maybe just have one
flagship product and get rid of the rest maybe I wanted to grow my business to be
able to wear updating all these products is that was really the problem which we
need available outdated quickly and like humans we all keeping them all up to
date and and during that name of trying to decide which direction I was going to
it was really hard to get anything dying because i had that feeling make it
doesn’t matter i’m gonna do some work and I’m gonna end up scrapping the whole
thing to do not so ended up combining all
products into one membership which you know that became that the drain that
ended up with with me younger so it all worked out what that that’s definitely
where I know I’m not going to get a lot done and you know looking back on it I
feel kind of up to mines in one way I think it’s important to just pick a
direction and go with it you know i think that’s a huge part of success is
just being decisive and trying something out but at the same time I do think
there’s a natural ebb and flow everyone’s journey and sometimes you’re
getting everything done and everything’s moving while everything’s moving fast
and sometimes it’s the depth right times when things aren’t going so great
maybe we need to take a step back and just thinking and be more attractive man
i love that story Laura because i feel that pain i feel like i’m in in that
process right now and to be quite honest with you the reason that i started this
seven-day-a-week podcast with seven different topics is because I had all
these ideas of of all the things I wanted to talk about and all the things
that have helped me in my career you know as as a shy kid working with
technology and then learning things about motivation and productivity and
leadership and on and on and on and that’s really been inspirational to me
but I didn’t know which one to focus on like you said like more multiple
products in your portfolio i have this daily show but it’s almost like i have
seven separate weekly podcast shows right and each one of them has their own
production schedule it has its own backlog of guests and so forth and so it
does it can get overwhelming at times when you’re thinking about gosh do I
focus on one of these invite try to make it break out or do I like take thought
the sum of the parts and put it all together in and make something awesome
out of it
so at what point did you decide you know what I have enough here that i want to i
wanna like maybe change direction or focus or double down on what I’m doing
and package this all up together into a single tool at
hasn’t decided to launch girls out you mean yeah yeah so Edgar was the direct
result of training that I was offering in my previous business i had to develop
a system i was using and i was teaching others to use where you think of all of
your social content categories so a lot of people when they do social media they
kind of do it one off they sign on for five minutes write something send it out
they do it off why but social media is a media channel you know just like a log
like your podcast it’s going to work much better if you really think about
what is the message are going to communicate what utterly different types
of messages prevention to get when they go out so I developed a system just
creating a spreadsheet with all your different categories updates and then
the other really crucial perilous thanks within those categories heating up
because as a social learning professional I quickly realize that
creating multiple pieces of new content every day for the rest of time wishes
out a lot of people do social media is not exactly the state of all for a small
business owner and you know everyone has experiences right you get motivated to
all your social and then you’re like a long as I can handle any most amazing 42
months okay it’s it’s a very common cycle you don’t want your social media
to be dependent on your time or your mood that day and such a small
percentage of your audience is anything less than five percent audience people
actually choose to do you see anything you post special because it’s crowded
amazing space so all these things came together to create a system reboot your
spreadsheets like through it but there was still turn up from work and manual
labor that needed to be done to move these updates from spreadsheet you know
to get out into to lure out box which media so anger was really created a
software that does all that not work so you have one social media tool they
store a curated library of categorized wanted in it since our content for you
yeah and i love that I kind of teased at the very beginning of of why i love
Edgar and why i use it and it’s exactly that right so
once i create my podcast episode it it goes into a bank into a library inside
Edgar actually Edgar reads my RSS feed from my podcast and every couple of days
I’ll check on it and says hey looks like you’ve got a couple more episodes ready
to you want to add them to your library and I said yeah sure let’s do it and I
might tweak a little yeah a little text right maybe tags and people for twitter
or add a couple of things for facebook or something like that and then it’s
they’re available in my library of all the post but then you have the schedule
right and schedule out which post you want to post it what times a day and
like you said through this this categorization of all of the in my case
all the podcast posts and and some of the other social media channels
it’sit’s other types of posts but it made just made so much sense when I was
looking at my structure of my podcast monday motivation Tuesday productivity
was right i have these categories for each of my podcast pose and Edgar has
all these categories that you can categorize each of your social media
post and then schedule them out and then once you get it scheduled it’s like
hands off you walk away from it you never touch it again and it’s just
automation right it’s just constantly cranking out those po’s all day every
yeah well it’s kinda talk to you because you’re kind of hard perfect use case
because I hey you me and he was really useful if you have a lot of clinton and
seven-days-a-week podcasting you have a lot and yeah it’s kinda fun for you how
it also corresponds to add a week since obviously our schedule is done by the
data me but yeah you know anyone who’s been podcasting is blogging it’s so
common that people spent hours and days crafting a really great podcast really
great blog post and they send it out its new you know maybe just once a lot of
people do maybe a few times that first week and then never send it out again
and not hosting lips so much comments which happen to be sitting in traffic
back to your site on autopilot
yes if you just put a poster right there so why is it that people are only seeing
about 5% of what we post why don’t they see everything that we post the first
so it’s just the nature of hospitals work so if we look at twitter the way to
Twitter works is you sign on and you see what’s been posted in you know while
you’re there live or in the past few minutes
you don’t go to Twitter profile and read everything that they print right going
to your home feed so it’s just the nature of it that it’s this like very
specific dance where the person needs to be posting right now saying very short
window that you’re on
otherwise you’re going to miss each other and as these tools you know as the
years go by people follow war more people so on twitter if you were only
following five people you would see a lot of what they posted because there
won’t be that much of your time
right so you’ll be able to see a lot but most people don’t qualify people they at
least you know you under it all through thousands of people you’re just gonna
get it snappy and that’s twitter which is like pretty easy to understand their
facebook which is different not easy to understand you know we write a lot about
these books algorithm changes in our blog Facebook changes our very very
frequently what’s what’s shown to people on their homepage in their feed and it’s
very shielded to a business owner because they don’t want people to be
able to get it right
facebook doesn’t want people to know okay if you have to post this link and
it just shows do that and then no one would sign on facebook anymore because
people don’t sign on c-span
comedy is my side on you know really think with their friends say maybe a few
updates from companies so with facebook it’s it’s even worse and and your reach
is usually much lower even than it is on Twitter because the people that follow
you that like your page of this book a lot of never can see any of your updates
yeah I’ve noticed that so Twitter seems to be for me personally for the
helicopters band brand on twitter is my way to meet new people and it is great
because i post content out or Edgar post content out on my behalf all day on
night every day every night and there’s a few people who don’t follow very many
brands or don’t follow very many people on Twitter and I’ve got a couple of
notes saying hey Chad like you you post a lot do you realize like you’re posting
like three o’clock in the morning and five o’clock in the afternoon and I see
like 45 year post just right here my feet and I said oh wow that’s
interesting because most people like don’t see them on all the you know
whatever and then there’s Facebook and Facebook is is completely different
because it seems like it’s only my best friends in real life that are ever
liking and commenting or sharing or doing anything with my facebook
hello tech pros post right it seems like those are either very repressed they’re
not getting out there people are not viewing them or people on facebook just
don’t care either way
yeah facebook is like a tough cookie you should get i reached on facebook one you
need to be engaging they’re really frequently you need to be here hosting a
lot of types of content and facebook is always changing
what a favor right now they want you to do live video feeds and you’ll get a lot
of free to live video feed and help it all loose and reach across the page but
the power that is so I see a lot of small business owners that are like okay
I video I’m going to do it but it’s sort of like a something you can keep chasing
but you’re never should catch off is the problem with chasing this facebook
facebook friends because they do change little eye something stated a facebook
you know like my video one day like a short test update the next like a link
next know Lincoln asked I mean it’s just constantly changing so I do want this
number is not to get too caught up in the latest greatest facebook because if
you don’t have a social media team idea that’s time to be experimenting with
this all day i’ve seen so many people be like okay it’s all about video and it’s
the last time its money going to accuse video setup and then besides into my
and Ally entire professional photographer or whatever they need to do
so i wanted to wash business owners like don’t get too crazy trying to figure out
what facebook wants . so Laura this is uh this is kind of feeding into my
perception of what I’ve seen with my facebook feed right which is it’s really
really tough to break into its really hard and to be honest with you I have
absolutely d prioritize my facebook feed like for some people i know it’s amazing
and they have facebook groups and they have Facebook pages and they’re all
putting all kinds of time and effort into it but for me it’s like not paying
off its not working it seems like an exponential amount of work to get any
kind of payoff on facebook so i actually you know a beggar allows me to post to
multiple channels right i can post a facebook and twitter and linkedin and
all these things but i personally only use it for twitter because that’s the
that’s the place where like my my potential audience is being engaged with
me right there liking the retweeting they’re asking me questions or hey how
do I get on the show all this kind of stuff so um are there any platforms that
are better or worse for different types of businesses some businesses that want
to be productive like overall in general but should is there like guidelines of
on which channel that they should pick for their business
well I think you actually just getting great activity to which is channels not
working do you don’t you worry about you know you don’t want me to eat in all
places and as far as you know which channels are right which business
I think it’s a combination of your type of business and your your personal
preference so if you are
ecommerce especially if your numbers and you’re selling something that looks
pretty and people like to look at then interest is going to be a massive
channel 3 it can be like Pinterest is also very sprint consuming interest can
be very tricky to keep up with so it’s one of those things where does it make
sense to decide I’m gonna go all out on pinterest I’m gonna spend on air and i’m
going to see if it pays off me
see that’s fun for me you know what we’re talking about here is really
people who are largely solopreneurs right there doing social for their own
business so you’re off allowing it to factor in what you like like if you just
think instagram is super fun and you want to post on it and you want to
really promote your business on if you’re there hanging out there already
I bet you I liked better because Twitter you meet new people we still have two
people want 1i I so . very enjoyable channel so I like to hang out there on
linkedin we have an anchor post to automatically be like why not you know
why not post content but you get variable traffic from it very little
traction from it we’re not spending time really trying to build anything out
there so mean that’s my biggest productivity tip you don’t have to be on
everything like everyone else already about snapchat snapchat you don’t you
really don’t have to be on snapchat you can’t be but you really have to be smart
about the ROI and I mean I just have to be honest for most businesses there are
telling you know two young audience ROI is not going to be there from spending
so much time on snapchat yeah i see so so many big names that i really trust
and value and they have just dived into snapchat and they’re all about it and
I’m like okay maybe that’s great for you guys right because you already have an
established audience you already have thousands of people who just love your
brand and they want to see like literally what you’re eating for
breakfast or how many pushups you can do at any one point in time that’s that’s
awesome but for I company or brand or a solopreneur who’s just getting started
and trying to meet new people are are there particular ok so we talked about
you know pick pick your poison pick the one that you like hanging out on but are
there any tips and tricks that you have on maybe how to go from zero to being
well-known in your brand by applying social media effectively yeah I mean
it’s really all about your I think that’s really important point out here
it’s it’s not really going to happen if you’re going to expand
no one from social content alone I mean it can’t happen my instagram if you’re
more of a lifestyle brand doesn’t really happen with businesses that I’ve ever
seen it can happen if you’re just like you know someone who wears like you’d
outfits and those pictures and help it’s on-the-job help me remove it
yeah and that’s um and then it does become your content right because if
your only contact with got any pictures of the office anyway yeah like Instagram
me a great place to put that but for businesses your content is really going
to be on your blog you know I can also be audio I can also be video but just
probably and live on your blog anyway at the end of the day you need to establish
herself as a lot cleaner on your blog and in social media is how that’s what
I’m gets spread and that’s like a really easy way to think about social social is
amazing distribution channel for everything you create because people who
don’t know you will send out links on social to a blog post and try to ask if
they enjoyed their not gonna send a link to your your craft most of the time
they’re not going to meet a link to like services page like I love this guy’s
people retainer check it out you know his number of people share on social
they will share this on social looks like how do you know if you need to
treat mark something here is very easy to me right now these people are going
to so like there are a lot of things that can be accomplished in social if
you think about building a network there you know gradually over time so you have
people that will share your articles and your articles you’re you’re the only
have an audience is interested in what you’re up to and that’s also i think
we’re like you have to be a little careful during this cult of personality
static people do not try it you know it you really have to be careful you’re
doing your business like people if you love shareholding snapchat wash watching
YouTube shot if you had a fitness business maybe those are good prospects
for you but if you don’t like maybe some people think it’s fun to want you to
push out those people may have no interest
in your law firm to I to go back to that example you know so that’s what you
always want to crash your internet really closely to what you’re selling in
your business and as long as you’re doing that like you know that you’re
attracting a quality audience you know I know that people read the log our
prospects in some ways it might not be a perfect match right there definitely
call prospect for software because this stuff we talked about our block is an
unless you’re interested in social media morning how it so such a good stuff here
because you know what I’ve learned
gosh it took me a long time to actually learn this but maybe we could help out
if you audience members is whatever you’re trying to sell whether you’re
trying to sell yourself to a company like as an employee hey I want to
increase my recognition and my value so that i can get a better job or get a
better promotion or whatever or if you have a product or service that you’re
trying to market right social media is not about trying to push that about that
thing about that like you said the sales page it’s really about being as helpful
as possible and trying to give as much value for free
do people so that they can say wow this is awesome stuff and I i want to see
I want to see more I want to see more and eventually they’re going to become
so enamored with your brand and you have helped them so much overtime that
they’re going to say ok well now i’m ready to dive in and take this
relationship a little further right we’ve been dating but now i want to take
it a step further and i want to buy their you know $99 package or five
hundred dollar package or whatever it is because they’ve helped me out so much
for free now I know that whatever they’re selling is just gonna take me so
much further
yeah and you know that’s really cool about social is you also have people
that are never gonna buy from you but that will help you grow your business by
sharing content Frank worried about you because this was confused about when i
first started out I remember it was frustrating because I would you know see
people on Twitter and it would always send out links to my stuff but you at
the terminus
small you ever name was fine for me and be like why is she treating that she
loves me and she loves everything i do but she won’t buy you know I straight
and she died and i realize like which would you rather have you have one
customer or someone’s telling hundred or in the case of such me I can be
literally thousands of people how great your business you know it’s this
incredibly powerful channel let me turn it to get used to being around but it’s
just amazing to get like when i get to build this the software business and
then all these people just help us out by by talking about you know these are
software and like your tree blocks and I really that’s incredible that’s like a
free marketing team and I’m working mouse is this huge bar business as well
just for most businesses that’s huge percentage of our business comes from so
remember and social too late
some people are building a relationship over time they’re gonna buy you some
people are gonna die and there’s still a really important part of your business
so Laura we’ve been we’ve been a man this is such a great discussion about
just social media in general which platforms work which platforms you need
to get into like how you need to build your content maybe in just a moment we
could talk about specifically how Edgar can help us how agar can help our our
audience member here or we can use me as as an experiment and we can walk through
maybe what can we do specifically using Edgar to up our game on social media but
first we’re going to take a quick break and thank our sponsors
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ok we’re back with Laura Roeder Laura is the founder of meat Edgar dot-com which
is a social media software as a service platform that allows folks content
creators like me to to create our content right i have my podcast i have
my blog but then allows me to import all of my posts all of my episodes into the
tool into the meat Edgar tool and then it schedules it out and it post it on
whichever platforms work for me so for me it’s Twitter’s of the main one
twitter is the one that you see like hella tech pros posts like literally all
day and all night
so Laura what can we do like if we were first getting started with me pegar
platform and we want to use it
we want to get the maximum use out of us did
do you have any tips or tricks for us to to get the most out of the tool
yeah anything on that productivity Tuesday good good day here and I wanted
a huge benefits backers that it’s it’s hard it’s honestly hard to explain the
times they intentionally used to it because we are so different than other
tools which this is like our items are challenged marketing is a lot of people
think like another kind of similar other tools we operate a fundamentally
different way and that difference is with other tools you have to keep
refilling them so if you use a tool that has a Q&Q runs out you know so maybe you
go in and maybe really organized months for the content and cute but it’s always
gonna run out and so you’re always that and do the same thing you did last month
last week yesterday over and over again you know some tools you have to choose
specific date time for every single piece of content just to do that forever
and never gets better and learns from you
anger is very very different rebuild and prove a library and then grab handles
pulling from that library for you so you’re not going in and filling out your
cue anger is filling up your key oh and of course you’re going to add new you
know that’s that’s socially stuff but you just have to add it once an actor
will handle sending it out in perpetuity
you know other tools maybe you can say okay i want to send this out three times
why wasn’t the sake times this week we’re the only tool where you can just
say in perpetuity keep cycling through you know here’s on my blog content
basically you can see here’s my front it occur figure it out quick
you figure out when does the net you know you can have sort of as much or
little tall as you want if you want you can go ahead and choose your times lots
of girls just pull anything
well anything these time slots or you can choose a specific category which is
which is most people do more but that the productivity increases huge kiss our
vision of how we want our customers using agar is lat software and all the
posting for you so you can go into the engagement because that’s the part that
a robot can’t do that you can’t do no one else can build relationships for you
on social so are going to do is why are you wasting your time going in and
manually hosting everything you know your itunes doesn’t know nor do they
care they don’t care if you want to Twitter got your payment app on your
phone or anything with tattoo like to actually press then you know they care
about message the client needs to be so late in your own time and also allows
you to be much more thoughtful about your content because you’re actually
building as a library and I want to build your library and you can spend
your time going in doing the last it’s not for social yeah absolutely gives me
you know like i said i’m a user of Edgar and i played around with with some other
tools right so i tried buffer I tried their their tool for a while and it was
okay you know it allowed me to schedule posts and do post and then I actually
used HootSuite for about a year back before i was doing this podcast before
he’s doing this when I was trying some others other of blogging efforts out and
I what I liked about those tools was just the fact that you could schedule
them at peak times like okay if you figured out at two o’clock eastern you
know on a Tuesday was a peak time but you knew that you’re going to be busy
like in a meeting or something like that where you can craft your message and get
it ready to post
and then it would post that peak time and that was okay but what I love about
edgar is like you said you fill it up and then you walk away and in perpetuity
man literally like all day every day and never have to think about it again it is
just constantly posting and reposting the same articles and as my as the list
of of the post that i have continues to grow within my within my my feed then it
just adds more and more posts throughout the day and what I love about it is then
people reply back to automated posts and say hey Chad like how do i get to be a
guest on the show or hey Chad you should interview Laura she’s awesome she’s
amazing i go okay perfect and then I’m actually having a engagement with an
individual right I’m talking to the individuals and I’m am having
discussions with them but I’m not just posting the content because to me that’s
like boring and tedious and a pain in the butt
honestly but I love having conversations with people so i’ll allow them to like
or two retweet or to say thanks or two to mention me and a comment and then I
you know having the conversation but otherwise just let Edgar do everything
exactly you know I group sends out status updates that people share people
retweet it’s so cool to see that happening
well I didn’t have to do anything and I message is getting spread too much
further and then yeah when you to login to twitter you actually have
conversations to respond to you because you’ve given people things to talk about
you know one of our default categories we suggest makers questions for
engagement because we found that’s really successful on social to put out
some questions you don’t ask people you know Mac or PC or what’s your favorite
productivity tool or whatever so you have that question walk autopilot people
are capturing and then you go back in answered you know do back-and-forth yeah
i really get to know that people that are following on social and and discover
new people as well so if you think about edgar is is a guy at a party with you
and a bunch of other people you don’t know acres that guy that that breaks the
ice if you want some ice breakers on your behalf aces a so Mac PC what do you
guys think they’re just steps back
inlet stream let’s everybody has the conversation is like you guys should
talk to chat
yes very interesting opinion in here you go
so Laura I appreciate the conversation I want to allow you to get back to your
very productive day there at Edgar keep continuing rocking out on that tool
because it’s so amazing and i can’t wait to see what the next updates for it are
but before you go can you share any parting words of wisdom for our audience
the best way that we can connect with you and then we’ll say goodbye
yeah so part of wisdom is just especially when it comes to social just
start where you can do a little bit i know social can be so overwhelming
because people just have this feeling out like this together every channel
yeah they’re supposed to be like snapchatting their whole life 24-7
there’s a lot of pressure and I think so many people see that pressure and he
just retreat you know they’re like i can’t do all that I can’t keep off just
putting like it you if you use dr. or got to manually whatever if you used
Edgar to just post one link back to your blog every single day you would get huge
value i promise i promise you would see an increase in your trying like many
more than that but if that’s all you did
that would be a really good use of your time you know even if you do that
manually which like when you about what are you have used it manually that would
still be a good use your time just post a link to a blog post everyday so you
don’t have to be like perfect on social media you don’t have to have it all
figured out you don’t have to be a platform be realistic about your tonight
and your schedule do a little bit and and give it a little tonight because it
does take time to develop a following it’s not an instant thing
awesome and then where can we find you so you can find Edgar at meet a girl
calm i meet a girl twitter facebook and you can find me at LKR Twitter or i log
at my name Laura Laura thank you so much for joining me on hello to prose today I
really value the tips that you give me I mean as an Edgar user there’s a lot of
stuff that I’m gonna like okay I i’m going to go back and
take a look at my feet and and really listen to this episode again and make
sure that i’m using it to the the best of its value because it is a huge huge
value to land this was a huge value conversation and I just really
appreciate you taking time out of your busy Tuesday to spend time with us
yeah yeah you bet tech pros again clear transparency i am a user of edgar i am a
customer of Edgar but I i I’m I’m I’m not getting paid by Edgar to say this it
is an awesome tool it is amazing and other than the hosting that I pay for to
listen to host my media files and the hosting that I pay to siteground to host
my webpage beggar is the next tool that’s always in my recurring payments
every month like I will not drop that at all because it’s it just saves me so
much time every week to post through social media and honestly that’s how
i’ve met so many of you audience members and so many of my guests like Laura
you’ve been listening to lure Roeder and I’m Chad Bostick and until next time take
care the show notes page for this episode can be found at hello took / 135 do you use slack for team communication join the hello tech pros /
channel at hello tech / slack
if you enjoyed this episode please leave a review
subscribe to this channel and check back tomorrow
this has been productivity tuesday but tomorrow my featured guest and I are
talking about leadership Thursday technology friday people in
communication Saturday entrepreneurship sunday being unplugged monday motivation
and then we do it all over again next Tuesday for productivity and i’ll talk
to you tomorrow

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