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Homeless for a period of two weeks, Karma Senge and his family used to struggle financially. Now he is a successful real estate investor and FOREX trader.

Karma Senge started his first business back in 2000-2001 by investing in real estate and then opened up a few martial art schools. He got out of those two businesses in 2007-2008 and then came back into real estate in 2013. Karma started trading the markets as well in 2011 and in 2013 found a passion in the currency markets. Today he has found his passion in the Forex Market.


Key Takeaways

  • Most people who are members of investment clubs have been members for over a year and done nothing. Instead, you need to take massive action.
  • Don’t look for properties to invest in, look for customers who need a home (or need problems solved).
  • You can not do everything yourself. Put a team in place to support you.
  • Let go of that “control freak” inside of you.
  • Forex = foreign exchange; trading countries from different countries.
  • 3 types of FOREX analysis:
    • Fundamental analysis – Know all about that central bank of that country or region doing (ex: Fed in U.S. or Bank of Japan).
    • Sentiment analysis – Belief or feeling of the market. Do people believe what was announced will actually happen?
    • Technical analysis – Looking at charts, supply and demand levels and trying to find harmonic patterns.
  • Test your trading skills by demo trading with fake money.
  • Too many people standing on the sidelines watching but not taking action.
  • Don’t let fear stop you. Everyone is scared, the successful push forward anyway.


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