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As a pioneer and visionary in the contemporary Christian music field, John Chisum has worked alongside many of its greatest artists and songwriters. His love for mentoring and training others has allowed him to develop dozens of writers, resulting in hundreds of well-known songs recorded. He is now Managing Partner for Nashville Christian Songwriters.


Key Takeaways

  • The user interfaces of digital tools use symbology from analog systems
  • Extroverts take the energy from those around them
  • Master your head-game and understand your particular motivators and de-motivators to maximize your energy
  • Many great ideas are not worth the energy and commitment to see them through because they are not aligned with your passions
  • When you’re willing to pay the price no matter the price, you know you’ve found your calling
  • It’s about serving other people and helping them succeed
  • Look in the areas of your passions and ask “how are we equipped to serve?”
  • Identify the “bleeding neck” – where are people hurting the most and how can you help?
  • In 5-10 years what is life going to look like if you don’t take today’s opportunity
  • Are you going to die with your songs inside?
  • There are no guarantees only an opportunity to grow
  • You will win or you will learn

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