In this episode, Joe Vallone explains the alphabet soup of Scrum and agile certifications, the differences between scrum teams and enterprise scrum teams and the approaches leaders can take to shift the culture of their organizations to be agile-ready.

Joe Vallone is an experienced Agile “Coach and Trainer” at Scaled Agile Inc and has been involved in Lean and Agile communities since 2002. Mr. Vallone has helped coach several large-scale Agile transformations at Zynga, Apple, Microsoft, VCE, Nokia, AT&T and American Airlines. Joe is an effective leader and speaker with over 20 years of software development and coaching experience with certifications as a Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Professional, and Certified SAFe Program Consultant Trainer.


Key Takeaways

  • Agile Certifications – small teams
    • Certified Scrum Master –  requires 2 day course and passed a test
    • Certified Scrum Professional – requires proven practical experience in coaching and leading teams with Scrum-specific
  • Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) Certifications – framework for implementing agile across the enterprise
    • SA (SAFe Agilist) – requires 2 day course
    • SPC (SAFe Program Consultant) – involved in coaching and implementing SAFe agile programs
    • SPCT (SAFe Program Consultant Trainer) – Can train the other SAFe practitioners
  • Trust but check and verify
  • A leader has vision and focus but keeps the people first in their mind
  • Very intelligent people tend to have unique motivators, not just the carrot and stick
  • Knowledge workers require leaders to trust them
  • Team members need to be held accountable to one another
    • Shift the culture away from blame to accountability

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