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Assigned to a team that was over staffed, under utilized and without clear direction, Jeff and his peers struggled with productivity on a $1 million project. Things turned around when he decomposed the 100 page requirements document into a list of measurable tasks and reduced the team size. Jeff convinced the stakeholders to trim the project from 25 different people across many roles to 4 team members: two full stack software developers, one data analyst and one business analyst / subject matter expert.

Jeff Maxwell is an application architect with experience in Fortune 100 corporations, a longtime software developer and lifelong Oklahoma State Cowboy alumnus.


Key Takeaways

  • Look for ways to accomplish more with less
  • Don’t build the team until you know what you’re trying to accomplish
  • Start small and find a process that works
  • Decompose large requirements into small discrete tasks to measure and track
  • Book time on your own calendar for your own tasks

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