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After a medical emergency as an infant left him with cerebral palsy, Jason Freeman hated his voice until he realized that it is our uniqueness that makes us stand out.

Jason Freeman resides in San Diego where he is a public speaker and a Bravery Coach. Jason coaches his clients to express themselves with confidence, clarity and ease. Jason has a very unique voice, which we will let him explain for himself.


Key Takeaways

  • What people think success looks like vs what success really looks like.Sometimes when we get up to speak we get tongue-tied because we are nervous.
  • There are methods to navigate the nervousness and stress issues.
    • We can either deal with the nerves in a way that propel us forward or we can deal with it by shutting down.
  • Jason knew there was someting more for himself but was not taking any steps towards it
    • He was doing the best job he could but then going home and saying “I want more”.
    • Then he would think “Oh no, that’s too much work, I would fail.”
    • His self-esteem told him to just stay with familiar stay with what you know, take what you can get.
  • Imposter Syndrome plagues many of us.
    • We don’t believe we deserve anything more than we already have.
    • We don’t believe that we are good enough to
  • If we aren’t trying new things, we are a slave to the predictable.
  • Realizing that learning something even if the results don’t turn out the way we expected is empowering.
  • Jason took yoga, which was a small step in gaining confidence and creating motivation and inertia.
  • The things that we hate about ourselves that we wish we could change, those are the unique aspects about us that make us stand out.
    • In business we are told to create uniqueness to differentiate ourselves.
    • When it comes to personal looks and habits we want to be perfect and fit in to the group.
  • Acknowlege the thought of limitation.
    • Example: Jason thought he wouldn’t be taken seriously due to speech pattern
    • Acknowledge the thought and let it be. Don’t argue with the thought or be mad at it or you’ll be in war with your own thoughts.
  • What if people are drawn to us in posititive ways because of the very attributes that we are ashamed of?
  • Find the smallest next step instead of worrying about all the overwhelming things.
    • Go towards something challenging and exciting but not overwhelming.
    • If that step feels completely miserable then it will be frustrating. If the next small step is a little bit scary but somewhat fun, it’s probably in the right direction.
    • Take the step.
    • If the step fails in your assessment, try a different step. Keep going until you find a step that is challenging that you enjoy that leads to more steps.
    • Momentum will carry you where you want to go.
  • Dreams are so powerful and bring so much joy. Go for your life, step by step.



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