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Jason Burt owns Evolve Holdings LLC and has over 20 years of leadership and cultural change experience based on learnings from working with Toyota (TPS/Lean).  Jason has worked in many industries and has been able to use his learning to help guide many companies to increased profitability through implementation of the Toyota philosophies.  Jason has worked in hundreds of companies and industries ranging from Aerospace (Metal Fabricators) to Commercial Farming (Farm & Distribution).


Key Takeaways

  • Breaking up with a business partner is a lot like breaking up with a spouse.
    • The emotions are high, the assets get split and you need to talk to a lawyer.
    • You need to make a decision on what to do next. Do you carry on with the business, start it over or get a job somewhere else?
  • If you decide to move forward with the current business, you need to re-evaluate the priorities.
    • Reach out to existing clients and let them know what is going on. Take care of their needs.
    • Start hustling for new clients and ensure the revenue can quickly grow back to a sustainable level.
  • Even if selling is not comfortable for you, you can accomplish anything when you are backed into a corner.
  • Once you are taking action and being productive then you’ll be more able to calm down and adjust to the new conditions.
  • The greatest demotivator to employees inside a struggling company is not knowing what is happening and how it will affect their jobs.
  • Be true to yourself.



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