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Jason Burt learned many leadership lessons while working with Toyota including being intimately connected with the problems that trouble the team.

Jason Burt owns Evolve Holdings LLC and has over 20 years of leadership and cultural change experience based on learnings from working with Toyota (TPS/Lean).  Jason has worked in many industries and has been able to use his learning to help guide many companies to increased profitability through implementation of the Toyota philosophies.  Jason has worked in hundreds of companies and industries ranging from Aerospace (Metal Fabricators) to Commercial Farming (Farm & Distribution).



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Key Takeaways

  • Horrible managers order new equipment for their employees and then keep it for themselves.
  • Toyota philosophies are: customer first, people is most important resource, continuous improvement is way of life, focus on shop floor.
  • Leaders should be intimately involved with the struggles and problems of the individuals.
    • Leaders are there to help employees become better at the jobs.
    • They need to spend time with the employees listening and learning, not managing from a conference room.
  • Sometimes there is a disconnect between the tactical level to the strategic vision of the plan.
    • As leaders we put a lot of time on the business, financials, sales, capacity at a very high level.
    • We need to put a process in place on how we’re going to lead.
    • Be extremely clear on what their work contributes to strategic goals.
    • Schedule time each week to work with individual contributors and learn the problems they are struggling to solve.
    • Get as many people as possible working on a common objective.
  • IT has to be integral part of the process to implement an ERP / MRP / CRM system.
  • If you’re a leader, you need to gain clarity on the strategic direction of the company and how you and your team can help.


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