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Even though James Wilson is an introvert and recharges when alone, this poet is more comfortable speaking to 1000’s of people on a stage than to small table of 5 individuals.

James Wilson has been working in the medical software and billing industry for 10 years and currently manages a team that handles the data and electronic claims transmissions for one of the leading prosthetics and orthotics providers in the country.

James was a past guest on Hello Tech Pros, episode 12 (We Think You’re Crap: How NOT to Communicate). In that episode, James shared an experience at a past job when his coworkers and manager provided bad feedback using horrible communication techniques. Then we talked about how to deal with a situation gone bad.




Key Takeaways

  • At work you have to be “on” and turn on your awareness, which is draining.
  • You need to unplug from that awareness state and just… BE.
  • Introverts don’t recharge in groups, they recharge when alone or when quiet.
  • Learn to have self-acceptance. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, learn to love yourself and be okay with who you are.
  • Sometimes introverts are more comfortable talking to 1000s on stage than 5 in a small room.
  • If you have a positive message to give to the world, you have a responsibility to share it, regardless of your personality.
    • You may have to experiment with different media: writing / blogging, podcasting, videos, public speaking.
  • There are several techniques to utilize to overcome fear when speaking.
    • Don’t wear shorts when performing and they won’t see you’re knees shaking. 🙂
    • Memorize everything so you are more confident and you can use your hands for emphasis.
    • Ground yourself with a square stance.
    • Speak from your diaphragm.
    • Move around.
    • Channel the “vacuum experience” where time slows down and you can’t hear anything but your own heartbeat and voice.


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