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Jacob Strachotta has worked with hypnosis and hypnotherapy for more than 20 years. He originally trained as a captain in the Danish Air Force, where he worked with technical management, quality control, and organizational management. As part of his training, he learned how to help deployed personnel on a psychological level.

In 2000 Jacob founded The Institute for Advanced Hypnosis in Copenhagen, Denmark. Over the years, he has trained more than 550 hypnotists and hypnotherapists. Advanced Hypnosis differs from traditional hypnosis in that it goes straight to the root of the problem, isolating it and then treating it. It is a version of this technique called RDH – Result Driven Hypnosis, that is featured in the HelloMind app.


What You Will Learn in This Episode

  • What percentage of your day is governed by your sub-conscious mind.
  • Sub-conscious triggers that prevent us from quitting bad habits and adopting good habits.
  • Why hypnotism is an effective tool for treating mental health issues.
  • How to resolve the Imposter Syndrome.


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