Womb Music Bluetooth Belly Speaker: Play Music, Sounds & Voices to Baby While Relaxing with Your Pregnancy Pillows – Great Pregnancy Gifts for First Time Moms – by Wusic

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#1 Wireless Bluetooth Belly Speaker for Pregnant Mom Gifts – Now you can create a stronger loving bond with your baby before birth with the first-ever cord-free Bluetooth Belly Speaker! Never worry about annoying cords, poor sound quality, or uncomfortable speakers. EASY TO USE – just adjust the sound volume to a safe and comfortable level for baby and place on your belly. If you also want to listen in with baby we provide two headphone jacks so you and your partner can enjoy the music also.

The First and Only FCC and Bluetooth Certified Cordless Pregnancy Belly System! Create beautiful memories together with the power of music & recorded voices. Our New Womb Music Belly Speaker is the only wireless Bluetooth Belly Speaker that is safe and fully certified by Bluetooth and the FCC. All CERTIFICATIONS are posted on our website. You can stream your favorite audio files using Bluetooth sync’d from your device, or you can play music stored directly on your Womb Music Belly Speaker.

Pregnancy must haves First Trimester Gift Idea to Bond with Your Baby Before Birth! A special pregnancy gift that makes a lasting impact. Our premium Womb Music Bluetooth Belly Speaker makes a wonderful gift for baby showers. The #1 Bluetooth belly speaker for pregnant wife gifts to connect with their developing babies in the womb through the power of sound. The perfect addition to lounging with your pregnancy pillow is to play music to your baby!

A Safe & Effective Expecting Mom Gift for Prenatal Bonding! Our deluxe, patented belly speaker includes everything you need to play music, share stories, and help your baby bond with loved ones far away. This set includes one Bluetooth belly speaker with volume control, 2 GB of Internal Memory Storage, a premium nylon USB data and charging cable, two silicone reusable gel pads with a case, a storage set gift bag, a complete user manual, and a bonus $20 gift for personalized music for your child.

When looking for gifts for pregnant women, give the Baby a Head Start to a Happy, Healthy, and Successful Life! Did you know that playing music for your baby while in the womb stimulates all areas of child development? Sharing music and soothing sounds with your baby can help them thrive throughout life. Give your child the best start in life with the power of music inside the womb!






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