WANLISELL Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Magnetic Knife Strip 17.7 Inch Magnet Bar Rack With Hooks, Kitchen Utensil Holder and Workspace Versatile Tool Storage Racks


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Product Information

Extra Strength Magnets: This stainless steel knife bar with heavy -duty magnets, which will never lose their magnetic force. This upgrade provides you with a high-quality magnetic knife holder that holds your entire knife set securely and easily within reach. The magnetic grip is powerful, yet it only takes a gentle tug to release any knife!

Stainless Steel Construction: Constructed from 304 stainless steel, this knife strip is designed to last; a sleek and elegant satin finish will complement any kitchen space; easily wipe down to clean and dry completely.

Space Saving: Rather than clutter a counter with blocks and holders, this wall mount magnetic knife storage holder puts it out of the way, most often near the stove where the items are used.

Easy Install: Kitchen knife magnetic holder uses two screws for installation. The hanging utensil holders simply slide on, and the heavy duty magnetic knife bar with hooks.

Versatile: Not just for kitchens, the storage holder is a great option for tool rooms, craft areas, or any area that could benefit from some additional organization.

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