PantryChic Smart Storage System – Starter Kit – Automatically Measures & Dispenses from Storage Containers with Digital Scale Accuracy – Kitchen & Pantry Organization & Storage

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Product Information

Airtight, BPA Free Dry Ingredient Food Storage Containers with Lids to Keep Ingredients Fresh

Automatically and Neatly Dispense the Perfect Amount of Each Dry Ingredient Directly Into Your Bowl in Your Preferred Unit of Measure (Volume or Weight)

Store & Dispense over 100+ dry ingredients (Flour, Sugar, Rice, Quinoa, Coffee, Herbs & Spices, Small Nuts & Dried Beans and Many More!)

Integrated Multifunctional Smart Kitchen Scale to Ensure Accuracy and Help With Portion Control.

Smart Home Appliance with Bluetooth which Enables Integration with the Chefling Recipe App for a Streamlined Experience. Discover New Recipes, Dispense Remotely, Manage & Track Ingredients, Dispense Directly from your Recipe

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