Nooie Pet Feeder, Smart Automatic Cat Feeder, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, 3.8L Dry Food Dispenser, Portion Control, Low Food Detection, Real-Time Alerts, Clog-Free, Stainless-Steel Bowl, Suitable for Small Dogs


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Product Information

Customized Feeding Schedule & Portion Control: Automatically schedule and plan a healthy feeding routine for your pet or dispense the meals manually. The large 3.8L capacity allows you to feed your pets up to 10 meals a day and (up to) 20 portions per meal (approx. 1 month worth of kibble for an adult cat).

Control Remotely, Anytime Anywhere: Powerful 2.4G WiFi. Connect with your smartphone. Keep your pet fed whenever you may be by using the Nooie App.

Low Food Detection & Real-Time Alerts: Receive real-time alerts when your food levels drop below the infrared detection line, instantly remin pet food ding you to refill the feeder.

Designed for Worry-Free Use: Largecapacity, clog-free design, and detachable parts for easy cleaning.

Dual-Power System for Unexpected Outages: Designed with a dual-power supply to ensure your feeder is always on, even during unexpected power outages.

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