Funny Car Accessories Interior, Cartaoo LED Window Sign Programmable Remote Control and Mobile APP Connection Control, Custom Emoji Dispaly, Cool Car Gadgets


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Product Information

Cool Car Gadgets: Emoji devices installed in the rear windows of cars, innovative product design ideas, give the bird and waves to other drivers

Control: Mobile phone Bluetooth APP and remote control (with battery) control connection, adjustable brightness expression car LED display, mobile app store search LOY PLAY to download APP

Easy Installation: the product is adsorbed on the window through the suction cup, and can be disassembled and replaced at any time

Funny Car Accessories: Using the remote control while driving a car allows you to convey feedback condemning or expressing your preferences in a safe and fun way.

 Package Contents: 1 x car emoji led display, suction cup, 5 meters of wire,English version of the user manual

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