Fruit and Vegetable Cleaning Machine, Mini Food Purifier Portable Fruit Vegetable Washing Machine USB Wireless Food Purifier for Cleaning Fruits and Vegetables, Rice, Meat

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Wide Use: Food purifiers are widely used in various places such as home, kitchen and outdoor. It can quickly remove residues in food, and can also purify tableware, fruits and vegetables, feeding bottles, tableware, toothbrushes, rice, fish, meat, seafood, food and tap water, glasses, jewelry, etc. Effectively remove residues on the surface of fruits and vegetables, bringing convenience and health to your life.

Food Save: Place the fruits and vegetables that need to be cleaned, press the switch button to put the host into the water to start cleaning, cleaner fruit and vegetables are more conducive to food fresh storage to prevent harmful substances.

 Remove harmful:substancesfruit vegetable cleaning machine waterproof design, put in water electrolysis to generate OH-ions, quickly degrade pesticide / harmful substance into harmless substance, it can effectively care for family body

Portable and Compact:The fruit and vegetable purifier is in the shape of a capsule, which is small and compact, and can be put into a pocket or handbag, which is very convenient for storage and carrying. It can be used in any size of ingredients and can be placed in any container, making it perfect for home kitchens, picnics, business trips, travel and anywhere you really need clean water, utensils and food.

Excellent Customer Service: We put customers first, service and quality are our mission and glory! Fruit and Vegetable Purifiers always provide attentive 24-hour email service and replacement or refund service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We need your feedback and optimization suggestions. Happy shopping!

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