diroya Safety Hammer Emergency Escape Tool, Car Window Glass Breaker and Seatbelt Cutter, 2-in-1 Mini Size 3.5 in for Underwater Working Rescue, Pink


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Product Information

2-in-1 Safety Tool: This life-saving multifunctional safety hammer and seat belt cutter is durable and reliable, allowing you to quickly exit your vehicle in an emergency situation.

APPLICABLE PEOPLE—This rescue tool has a built-in high-pressure spring. If an emergency occurs, the window can be broken within 1 seconds with a single push and you can also use it to cut the jammed seatbelt when necessary. Whether it’s an elderly person, a woman or a child, it’s easy to get started.

EASY TO CARRY: This product is only 1cm/3.5in, compact and easy to carry or with velcro tape to the center console of vehicles, you can use it as an escape tool or decoration0

Powerful: Use this Glass Breaker to pop out the CORNERS of side windows, It instantly caused the tempered glass to shatter, safe without hurting hands

An invaluable addition to your vehicle safety kit: The emergency safety hammer breaks side window glass with minimal effort, thanks to its spring loaded strike point.






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