BOSKEY pet Training Button, Including mat, Training Guide, 25 Behavior Stickers. 36 Pairs of Sticky dots, 6 Voice Training buzzers, Train Your Dog to Make The Sounds They Want (Battery Included)


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Product Information

Pet Communication Buttons: The 6-piece pet training suit records the voice of the owner in advance to train the pet, so that the owner and the pet can understand each other’s feelings through the buttons

How to train your pet: record the sounds of buttons, such as eating, drinking, playing, going out, etc., let the dog press the corresponding button when he wants to do something, and associate the sound with what he is doing

Dog Training Buzzer: Fix the buzzer on the mat, record the sound of the action to be trained during training, press the button first and then let the dog do this action, if the dog does it right, please give a reward And repeat the practice over and over. and place the button in the corresponding environment

Improved Design-Built-in metal speakers, the playback volume is louder and clearer. The elastic spring button makes it easier for children or small pets to press. The reinforced plastic shell resists the stress of large pets, making it easier for you to train your dog. Fixed pads, stickers in the form of pictures + text, make it easier for you to train your dog

Product Information- Made of high quality ABS plastic, safe and non-toxic. Each product contains 6 recordable buttons; 1 instruction manual; 12*AAA batteries; 1*box 1*fixing pad 2*36 Pairs Adhesive Dots 1*25 behavior stickers

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